Glove box removal and Fan Blower Motor oiling

This is an amazing amount of useful information. I am really hoping this is what my issues are. Coming out of -23 degrees C weather, and I have no blower fan. Going to to try this out, and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks WindTrackMind!

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Mine never did squeak, but won't run, is it motor, or the controller? All lights light up at switch, but no run. 08 chassis, 120,000 miles. Thanks


This answer is late , but for the record.. 07-09 had the problem with the brushes design/material ground off till there is poor or no contact with rotor. When treated immediately as posted with lubricant to reduce drag they get extra life but eventually will fail, usually in winter when you need it most. Replacement is easy as described and they are on E-Bay for around $50.00.

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Great info, thanks. this advice saved me $220 I was ready to buy a used blowers fan. Getting to the rear bearing was the key, now works without squeaking. Cheers David

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