2004 colors wtf?


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Howdy! Ahem. So. Eureka! I have found a rebadged dodge 2004 T1N in dark green. Its kind of an off color. Understandably, I have my doubts about if this since I have never seen a T1N in dark green. New NCV3s have a similar color however. So. Is this a factory color circa 2004 or work of a talented woodsman with a airbrush? Does color show on the data sheet? Thankz!?!


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I am about to paint my 2003 158" to about the same color.... :)

We will add a company logo on each side and maybe a small one on the rear door. But I am looking for a special color of that green. I went to a small auto-paint shop here in Kansas City. There is a Toyota Green that is nearly perfect for my purposes. I have already installed a rear tire carrier, rear ladder, two windows (one more to go) and have purchased a roof rack.

Several of these are chrome and several are black. Wish it were easy to turn them all black....
Slowly but steadily.


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I have never seen a T1N in dark green.
Dark Green was a standard (i.e. didn't cost extra) color for the T1N during the 2002 through 2006 model years (and probably still is).
(we would've bought it if one had been available on the lot that day... )

When i can find the paint codes/names for those years, i'll edit them into this reply
(i could type them in from a 2005 sales brochure, but that would be exceedingly boring...)
Oh, what the hey:
Flame Red, Arctic White, Brilliant Blue, Black Gray, Calcite Yellow, Graphite Metallic,
Silver Gray, Steel Blue, Black Blue, Amber Red Metallic, Jasper Blue Metallic, Brilliant Silver Metallic,
Black, Stone Gray, Orchid Green, Hyacinth Blue, Carbon Black Metallic, Piedmont Red

Anything with the word "metallic" as $895 extra.
The picture in the brochure shows "Orchid Green" as being far brighter than it looks in the flesh.

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Well I guess the dark green is the real deal then. I take it metallic is a code word for clear coat in sprinter brochures. Thank you! They should make a paint code for rust as well.

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Re: 2004 colors XXX?

... I take it metallic is a code word for clear coat in sprinter brochures. ...
Nope. Metallic paint glistens in the sun with little flecks of "meatallic" color. "Clear coat" is a clear paint which is applied after the color coat. In some cases for extra protection. In other cases to deepen the looks of the base color.

Artic Whitewash doesn't have clear coat. I believe some of the other OEM colors do.

They should make a paint code for rust as well.
They did. I call it Arctic Whitewash. Suitable only for Tom Sawyer's fence painting.

Were I searching for another Sprinter, I'd be happy to find an other than the common Arctic Whitewash OEM color on a Sprinter. Even red, and I generally avoid red because of all colors it seems to be the least resistant to fade. vic


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Paint jobs are relatively cheap, and the quality of paint these days is pretty good. I think a window van would only cost about $500 to spray in a single stage urethane: if you do all the prep yourself. If you just pull it into a body shop, they would probably want $1500-3000 to produce a finished product in the color of your choice. A local vintage car hobbyist strips body down to a rolling chassis, does all the repairs and rust removal, and takes them to MAACO on a trailer for them to just spray, and they only charge him about $250. He likes the quality of the paint, it's the preperation that makes or breaks a paintjob.

If I had ordered a van from the factory, I would have chosen the green, and double sliders. When I was shopping for a van, I looked for anything but white or black.


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For what its worth, I did order my van and I had researched at both Frieghtliner and Dodge. I was excited about the green in the 2006 F brochure which was a palm green. Dodge pointed out that the photo staged at a woods cutting operation had dull orange safety equipment and that it wasn't going to be that green ordered from anyone. I did get stone grey and enjoy being rust free. Paul


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