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I know , two questions in a row! Just was wondering what pressure gages you guys are using that are the most accurate? Seems there are a lot of Chinese made units that are cheap, but aren't very good. Having 6 tires to check its great to know if I have a good gage.
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I'm searching to find out what kind of tire pressure gauge forum members use and all I found was this old, unanswered question.

Some of the "quality gauges" only go up to 60 PSI. So, what do you use (other than the el cheapo pencil type ones that are pretty inaccurate)? :popcorn:


Harbor Freight has a couple of cheap Chinese gauges that go up to 120 psi.
I use one on my air compressor hose that I bought from Tractor Supply . It reads to 120 also.

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I question whether you'll really know the accuracy of any gauge regardless of price. On a slow day I checked the various gauges I had against each other. They were +/- 5 lbs of each other with a couple agreeing. That was at a specific pressure so who knows how linear they are? Not really encouraging. I think it is more important for the tires to be of equal pressures to each other side to side than an actual laboratory specific pressure. You can always adjust based upon ride performance and wear. :2cents: vic


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Those pencil type gauges are, in my experience, very accurate. Most all of the electronic gauges are also very, very accurate and the batteries last for a decade or more. Tested against a master gauge at a race tire vendor, they come out ahead of everything else. Almost all of the mechanical dial type gauges are a crapshoot. Every one I own has a sticker indicating the error. At least they are consistent. I would start with a decent electronic model with a pencil for backup.


My friends and I have had great luck with this brand. You should be able to get one of the basic models for under $10.


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I use a campbell hausfield digital tire gauge - I have two. I got them at Menards (midwest Home depot type store) for about $4 on sale. They are very accurate and measure to 0.5 psi and are completely repeatable. They self calibrate every time you use them. Comes with a little LED light so you can use them in the dark.

I use them on the cars, bikes and so on. Very handy to have around and the batteries last at least 4 years (length that I have had mine).


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