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Because I want the full 900 pixels we are limited to I actually put the photo on the desktop and then open it in Preview on the Mac and choose Adjust Size under the Tools menu. I choose 900 pixels and then I save the photo. To upload I click the Manage button in the advanced message editing, looks like a paper clip. I then add the photos from the desktop by dragging them to the Choose File button in the Manage Attachments dialog. When I hit upload the images are available to me in the pop-down menu next to the paper clip. I insert them into my message and organize specific text around them describing why the photo is there.

There is a limit to the number of photos, but thanks to the 900 px limit I am far away from it. The Airstream group I post about my Sky Deck in will scale the images but keeps the original size. I am about to max that group out as each of my pics is 8 meg...

Ok so when I did my last photos I tinkered to get them uploaded but this was all by accident. So what does 900 pixels mean? I don't see where I can set for 900 pixels in Preview tools. The limits are "900 X 0", What how come no height limit. I'm missing something here.... :shifty:


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Simply select the bigger size (horizontal or vertical) that your photos use and then replace that number with 900 or smaller and leave the dimensions locked with the padlock and they will change proportionally.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 6.29.57 AM.png

Once your photos are scaled you can upload them and they will live here until the board has died, and so far this board is only getting bigger and bigger.



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Make yourself an album with all your pictures in it.[/QUOTE

If I make a picture album is it accessible by everyone?



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I need help. I have lots more progress to show but seemed to have reached a limit on adding photos to my albums. What is the limit?


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Instead of using the embed link that starts with <iframe>, click on Advance Settings and it will bring you to a page with the URL of the video. For example...

Surround the numbers (between the slashes) with the bbcode

There should be a Facebook icon in the editor window that by highlighting the number, it should surround it with Facebook tags.

Here's the embed...



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Sikwan's example embed worked (clicking on it made it play in place)... but there's no hint on the still photo that it is a video.
If you use that mechanism, it would be a good idea to write "click on the photo to play the video" as part of your message body.


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Often links to threads take a member to a specific post number. Not everyone may realize that the original thread is easily accessed by clicking the "Thread" link in the upper right corner. That link will jump you to the same post within the thread.

To those including links.
After accessing the specific post you want a link to (by clicking the upper right post number), click on the "Thread" link in the upper right. That will take you to the same post within the original thread. Copy that URL. It will take people to the post you wanted, but within the original thread. (Note that the URL will end with "p=XXXXX#postXXXXX". It is that addition which directs to a specific post in the thread.)


A different attempt to explain including a link to a post.

Here's some additional info on my experiences this month.
Thanks. That's very good information to include here for CA residents. :thumbup:

Single post addresses.

For general information about single post links as Hulagun posted above.

When viewing the single post, the entire original thread can be easily accessed by clicking the link in the upper right corner.

For those posting links.
If you take the time to go to the post you want, and then click on the link in the upper right corner, copying the resulting post address will take people to the post within the entire thread. (Note that the address has an added post number suffix.)


:cheers: vic
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For those of us trying to point to a posting in the middle of a thread, we can perform a little "magic"...
(without having to bring up the individual post to reach the "thread" link Vic discussed)
(1) at the post you're trying to highlight right-click on the post number (such as the "41" on Vic's last post).
(2) from the menu that appears, choose (FireFox) "copy link location" or (IntExplorer) "copy shortcut" or (Edge) "copy link"
(3) either paste that directly into your message, or into the box that the "globe with chain link" icon
(4) If you use the icon, you'll see something like
[URL=""]text that will be linked[/URL]
(5) here's the magic: change the "&postcount=41" to "#post565120" (without the quotes), duplicating the number that the "p=" provides. Also change the "showpost" to "showthread"
(6) so now you'll have
[URL=""]text that will be linked[/URL]
(7) and clicking that/this text that will be linked will take you there, with the entire thread easily accessible.

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For those who don't display pictures and need to click to view them.

When I add pictures using the paperclip at the top of the post window they always display as a picture.

You may have disabled displaying pictures at some time or other.
To enable.

Go to Quick Links in the blue bar.
Click Edit Options.
Scroll down to "Thread Display Options". "Show Images" should have a check mark.

Thanks goes to Mortarsprayer for the reminder.


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