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Echoing back all the thanks for folks in this thread - I ordered a filter based on website's guess at model # required based on model year of van, and.... wrong one. Eurovans to rescue... not sure why I didn't look earlier.

I was going to take beautiful pictures with very narrow DOF to clearly show the process but:

1. already been done
2. it'd just highlight my **** show mechanic skills.



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Thanks for all the great info everybody.

Just finished replacing the fuel filter in my 2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500 (T1N, OM647).

I don't know when the filter had been replaced by the previous owner. It looked fairly new and was a MANN A642 092 05 01 (MB). The fuel lines were held by two worm-drive clamps.

I was worried but all went smoothly. I used an Hengst H278WK filter; it came with two o-rings for the WIF. It does not have dustcaps. I purchased two better clamps. I removed the plastic skirt that was on the Hengst filter.

Removing the smaller fuel line was a bit more difficult than the supply line. The WIF came out fairly easily, just using gentle pulling and back-and-forth rotating.
I did not pre-fill the new filter with diesel; just turned on the ignition 10 times (because I had read that somewhere) for a few seconds after the glow plug lamp went off and let the pump fill it.

Van started no problem, drove for 10 miles, and restarted it -- all seems OK.

Couldn't do all this without this forum!


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fuel filter change,I think I broke the water sensor

I finally got around to doing this, and it is very simple, and would only take 5-10 minutes the second time.
However, the plastic post did not go in easily after changing the O rings.I checked O rings, they were in the grooves , I forced the post in .I don't think its ever coming out again.


2005 Dodge 2500
The sensor goes in much easier if you lube the o rings and their grooves with a thin film of 100% silicone grease.

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