replacement of RV window opening arm

After 4 years of active use of my rig, I finally had to replace one of the operator arms to the side window, specifically, the front one on the sliding door (most heavily used). Of course, RT used windows on the 2008 RTA from a manufacturer no longer in business. My original dealer is now also out of business. My new replacement dealer showed minimal interest (parts guy wasn't interested in asking the sales guy to open up a 2012 model rig on the lot so that I could show him exactly which part to order).

As most of you know, the windows open by turning a knob that opens/closes 2 arms which are part strong stiff metal, joined with a double punch rivet about 2/3rds out to an extension made of a thin pliable metal that attaches to a cheap plastic roller that sits in a gutter that is on the window itself. Most of you probably have partially bent the outermost part of the arms by opening the window behind it's limits (who would know you were too far, until your were), only to find you were jammed open and then you forced it closed. We've all been there. If not you, then it was your loved one, your friend, your kid. Mine has been bent for a while, but still workable (yes, sometimes I had to work it closed from both inside and out, but it would close again), until finally the rolling wheel on the end broke, allowing it to come out of the window track (whatever it's called). When this happens, the loose arm will slap against the glass which is barely held shut by the remaining arm annoying the crud out of you constantly (like someone harping, "I told you so, I told you so").

So after much searching on the net, I found the part (screamingly ridiculous price, but only 1 source, so what are you to do). This IS the identical part. The product name is "Hehr Torque Operator - Medium".

The replacement took less time than this write-up. Remove the turning knob by taking out it's central screw. Remove the screen. Remove the two screws (don't lose them) to the arm from the "holder" (metal piece which is fixed in the base of the window frame), gently lift the old arm up in the middle and slip it over the holder, then slide the arms left or right out of the track. Reverse the process to insert the new one. DO NOT DO this with the arms sticking straight out. Do this with the arms nearly flat in position to mimic a nearly closed window. In your enthusiasm for having fixed this, don't break it the first time you try it. I nearly did. Opened it again just beyond that magical distance where it got stuck open again. DUH.
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I'm beginning to encounter this same problem now on my Winnebago ERA. This after only two years of use. I think they have used rivets in some case rather than screws for the screens but will have to take a closer look. It might involves a little extra patience and ingenuity if they have.

Thanks for the information though ... very helpful.


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I think those are the same jalousie windows that my LTV Serenity came with. I couldn't open or close the 4 year old windows when I got the RV, but a little dry lubricant and several months of time passing opening and closing the windows and they are good as new. Good to know I have a place to go if they do start to age.



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Good call. I just ordered a spare as mine are bent and likely to die over the next year. Do we have any ex-mechanical engineers that can fashion a reasonable replacement that is sturdier? (is there such thing as an ex-ME?)
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I used a Dremel with a cutting attachment to get the rivets out fairly easily. Be careful with flying sparks and curtains.


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Glad to find this post....have 2014 Sprinter/RoadTrek and the window flew off on the freeway , after seeing this post...remembered that we did have a bent arm and trouble with the opening and closing of the window in the past. Now , it appears that I need both the window and the arm mechanism.

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