Fuel Tank Auxiliary Port ?

I have been told that there is an aux. fuel pickup tap already installed on the fuel tank from the factory. Is this true and if so, anyone know where it is ?


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It is just dangling near the fill next by the tank. It has a funny looking plug on the end. It's about 3" long.

What are you planning on doing with it? There is more to the story...

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I'm going to add one of those little diesel fuel powered air heaters. Something like an Espar or Webasto. I use the fan in expediting and need something to heat my sleeping area when on the road.


2008 2500 170" EXT
Just what i was talking about with my 'live in a uhaul box ontop of a Hino converted to veggy oil' buddy!

I'm expecting an 08 EXT this spring to slowly convert in to live/work design studio. After witnessing the amount of lost heat blowing out of these propane heaters lately, my buddy recommended looking into both of these companies.

But after going to their websites, i found no 'inspiring' information about these systems. All I know is they're deisel run, more btu/$$ and use similar electricity. But of course they require a heat exchanger.

Anyone in the forum have any experience or know where to find information on this type of system?

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