Medford, Medford, OR (Dealership)


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Saphira's rider
I drove by MB of Medford a couple of weeks ago and noticed a full line of Sprinter Vans for sale on the lot. Today I placed a call to Kelly, the Service Advisor, she said they are fully operational both on the Sprinter sales and service side. Go see them, I think you will be pleased with your experience.

Here is my review after MB of Medford completed my 40K service.
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Saphira's rider
2014 4 cylinder coming soon.

Talked with the Sprinter Sales expert at MB Medford the other day. His name is Mike Wilcox and he is incredibly knowledgeable and highly experienced in the commercial truck business. Mike said the 2014 4 cylinders will be arriving September 30th followed shortly thereafter by the V6 models. When you meet Mike I am sure you will be impressed as I was.


New member
Mike at Medford MB has been very helpful with the ordering process. I also asked questions with some of the service people and got the help I needed. A bonus is that they are very close to my work. Highly recommended.:thumbup:


We are soon to be new owners of a Sprinter RV. Haven't decided yet if it will be a Type B (Pleasure-Way Plateau) or Type B+/C (Leisure Travel Vans Unity).

I'm glad to hear good things about Medford Mercedes Benz. We live on the South Coast, but don't mind making the 2 1/2 hr drive for good service. We have the same situation with our primary vehicle (BMW X5).

I understand that Medford MB is an authorized service center for MB Sprinter Vans. I assume this includes the MB Sprinter based Type B, but does anyone know if they can/will they also service MB Sprinter cutaway based chassis Type B+/C motor homes?


hiker man

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Suza, where on south coast. I have a 2016 Pleasureway TS. Live in Port Orford. I love it so far, have 10,000 miles and was new in August. Good luck on your decision!

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