Low speed throttle dead-spot


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Our new LTV (06 chassis) has, from the day we left the dealer, had a dead-spot on the throttle during low-speed operation. It shows up in parking lots, campground driveways and similar operations between 5 and 10 MPH.
At low speed, low throttle settings the engine cuts to idle; that requires the application of more throttle which then results in a lurch forward. So far we have avoided running anyone down in store parking lots; but the lurch is is anoying and there's been plenty of spilled Starbucks.
We have been on the road for two months (7,000 miles) and it will be another month and another 3,000 miles before we are home. A dealer appointment is nearly impossible with our travel schedule unless or until it is a crisis.
Has anyone had this problem?
What's the fix?


06 T1N Can
I haven't noticed it on my 2006.

How long of a distance do I need to drive at (let's say) 8mph before the idle drops?

Do you know if the transmission upshifted or the lockup activated? Do you know what the fluid level is in your transmission?

Have you checked this...


Maybe there's a dead spot on the accelerator pedal? I doubt this would be the case because there are two pots and if one of them gave a bad reading, it would at least generate a code.


No question, KL2BE, something is wrong . As Seek suggests, your transmission could have been low on fluid from the start or the potentiometers defective or the computer defective.

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