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Recently I have had some boost leak problems which have been cured.

During all of this one of the stupid idiots at the Stealership said my ECM was bad and replaced it.

When this happens a lot of programming has to occur. They even charged me $80 to remove the engine cover and read the injector numbers to program the injectors.

Well unknow to those idiots, I have a DRB III and checked their work when I got home. Out of the 5 injectors, only 2 of them had been classified. I tried to add the other ones in and they would not program.

Well after reading this forum and talking to the good DOKTOR, it didnt seem all that necessary.

IT IS in my case. I normally get arount 550 miles a tank on my 05 high roof 140. It has dropped to 450 at best. The only thing I added was a utility rack to the top. Hopefully that didnt loose me 100 miles.

I revisited the injector classification part of the DRB III again. I took the cover off and wrote down all of the numbers again to make sure I had them right. The DRB will reject bad numbers. Before I had tried to program all of them at the same time and it didnt work. This time I went 1 by one and all of them loaded.

Now after 2 tanks of diesel, we are back to around 550 miles per tank. Van has 204k miles.

For me and my van, injector classification is necessary.

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Good to know. My DAD has an injector classification feature also. I changed all 5 injectors, but didn't successfuly program mine either. Maybe I should have tired one at time as you discovered? My mileage seems fine though.

The next time I have things apart maybe I'll try that with the DAD. Doktor A suggested I should disconnect the CPS and get some historical cranking fuel rail pressure readings for future troubleshooting reference. The injector cover needs to come off for that so it would be a good time for it all. vic

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