Shocking Ride Quality


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I have an RV on a 2005 chassis with 55,000 miles. I find the ride quality to be a harsh. Is it normal for the shocks to need replacement at this low mileage? It used to be American cars needed replacement at this point, but I've found MB shocks to generally hold up much better. I'm running Michelin LT All Season radials and the pressure is to specs of the chassis. I'd hate to spend the money on shocks for no result. It has air shocks in the back.


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The stock shocks are known to be soft. Harsh could be...

1. Tire pressure too high.
2. Broken front spring. Are you riding on your bumpstops?

I had LT's and those tires had firm sidewalls. When I swapped them for AT2's, the ride was noticeably softer. However some have complained that they were too squishy.

'Rett Butler

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I was told my 'crew' van had its rear springs swapped for whatever came on passenger vans. In addition the shocks were replaced (Bilsteins maybe) and a heavy duty anti-sway bar was installed. The ride is fantastic but then again, I'm nearly empty most of the time.

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