DAD or Repair shop in San Antonio, TX


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Getting ready for a long trip and a couple of issue shave popped up that I don't have the time to mess with.
I'm looking for someone with a DAD that is will to run a check on a 2006 118 with 60K on it.
Or a quality shop to take the rig to.
Any help would be appreciated



Captain Ahab
Not directly SA but near. BlueBonnet Dodge in New Braunfels.
Dan is the Sprinter Tech. He used to be at Mission in SA before they closed.
He is the tech that Dodge used to send all their problem cases in the southwest US to.
He is very good. If I have issues, not maintence, I drive to New Braunfels from Austin just so he can do the fix.

Good luck,



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I live in Schulenburg, Tx. and have a DAD and would be glad to help if I can. You can call me at 979 743 5442. By the way Schulenburg is half way between Houston and San Antonio. Regards, Jimmy

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