Lumbar pump repair


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My hand pump for the driver lumbar "pillow" hasn't worked. It had no pressure when I bought the van (used).

I tried to figure out how to gain access to the area, and I noticed that basically, the pump was in the little "garage" but it was not securely hooked up to the outlet tube/release valve.

Upon extracting the bellows, I noticed it had some pieces inside it.

I extracted the pieces, one, was a 2 piece black valve with a Phillips interface on the, I assume, outer portion of the valve. The other piece is a 3/4 inch clear rubber square part, which I assume is some sort of trigger for the release of air.

Any ideas how to get it back together and working would be appreciated. I was assuming it was a worn hose that was causing the lack of pumping, but it looks like it was pumped to the point of destruction. Any ideas would be appreciated. I can't even get my head under there to see the inner workings, I'll probably have to take a camera in there to get a better idea what I am trying to do.


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Mine works, although I don't use it too often.

The button towards the front of the vehicle, which I thought was round, is the release valve.

The service manual was no help, so if you need help on it maybe I can take some reference pics from mine.


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One piece inside should probably be the "inlet" valve from the non-mounted end (inlet in rear of bulb.

Other piece probably the one for the outlet end and/or the release button internal side.


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