Reverse light switch location??


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hi folks, my sprinter is due its mot next week and i just discovered i have no reverse lights, i changed both bulbs which didnt work then i used a multimeter to check voltage and there is no power getting to them, i had a look at the gearbox and could see anythig that looked like a reverse light switch.
My sprinter is a 2001 lwb 311cdi 2.2.
i was sourcing a new when when i discovered there is 2 sizes, 12mm and 18mm is this correct?
Any help would be great thanks


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if no power is getting to them, it may be a blown fuse under the seat or under the steering column.
I don't know where the reverse switch is located


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I looked in the MB EPC and found #8 as the backup switch. Yes, there are two part numbers listed, A 001 545 33 09 and A 001 545 34 09. The EPC will list your vehicles part numbers based on the VIN. If you provide your VIN, I should be able to tell you which one is correct - any dealer parts department should be able to do this also.
Or see if the part number is visible on the switch.



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