sprinter troubles


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my sprinter sprint shift devil truck, £2,500 in two months and old problem still there. List of parts, new duel mass flywheel, new sprint shift pump, two new injectors, new tourbo gate valve, new vacume transducer, still intermiten fault with changing from A to manual when going up hills of going slowly in traffic, i have two mechanics who are the best on sprint shift mercs, but even now they are getting stumped., valve block is good, wiring in front of the rad is fine, the only thing that did come up a while back on the star machine was a fault with the switch on the back of the abs pump, i cant go a cday or so with out a problem and to cap it all the other night some one stole my passenger quater light, tried ti steal the truck and took my ecu from under the drivers side and imobilesor another £1,200, any ideas would be of great help,


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Sadly I have no suggestions for you since I'm a plumber not a mechanic. I just wanted to let you know I REALLY feel for you and hope your luck changes asap!

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