Yokahoma RY215 highway tire - questions


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I purchased 6 of these for my 2006 158 shc 3500 with 55,000 miles and immediately noticed the noise differential is amazing! The cab is so much quieter especially with all the panels and floor dynamatted. I am however worried I may have made a mistake with these because driving on the highway I am battleing keeping this thing in my lane. Seems to have a lot of play in the steering wheel now. For long trips this becomes a very big headache. Tires are inflated to 65psi. I dont haul but a couple dirtbikes so weight isnt the issue. It has only ever been used to haul motorcycles so I dont think the struts are bad. Is there something I can do for my straight line stability?? New better struts / sway bars / air bags? Anything? Maybe a wider tire just for the fronts - Is there anything that is close to the 29.4 diameter but wider? Thanks for any suggestions!


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Probably too much air pressure in the front tires. I suggest lowering the pressure to that suggested on the plate on the van and lower it further if that doesn't work.


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Same here. My 04 wandered all over the road at 60 psi and expansion joints were horrible. At 40 psi on all four corners (I run virtually unladen) it's much, much better.


My 06 140 is at 45 PSI with a partial camper build and that's still above what Michelin requires for the axle weights. To much pressure reduces the contact surface between the tire and road surface and can greatly diminish adhesion and safety.


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Where do you carry the weight in your van? With the 2 inch taller side wall weight distribution is more critical. You feel you can get away with a tail heavy van with the shorter stiffer stock tires. I load my truck with the CG of the load just in front of the rear tires. If the bikes are in the back of the van then it will feel like it is all over the road. I have been running the tires for about 20k mi and and have been working fine for me as long as it is loaded correctly. I have been driving to and from Ohio and Texas (1200mi each way) with and without a trailer up to 15,000# GCVW and they drive fine. Keep the tires at full pressure I can tell when the tires are 10 PSI low. Also give them time to break in and scrub off the mold release. I do not want to go back to the stock tires for long trips. For the better ride and much lower noise. Run the loaded van across a scale and see what front and rear weights are. Try to keep at least 1/3 of your weight on the front axle. Plus you need the 7th tire for a spare and to rotate the front tires with the spare. I have found the front wear faster then the rears and I like to keep the rears on the rear to keep the tire dia. the same on the duals.

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98,000 mi. on stock suspension from the factory. In need of new struts.
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Hi Kx137,
Where did you come up with the 65 PSI tire pressure?
From the MFG suggested pressure on the "B" pillar.... the
Operator's manual..... off the tires.... where?
If the max inflation pressure on the tires is only 65 PSI, I
suspect you are correct.
The tires are somewhat under rated for a 158" wb T1N Sprinter.
Max inflation pressure/max load carrying capacity is normally 80-85
PSI for tires rated for a 158" wb Sprinter.
Check you owners/operators manual... there is alot of good info on
tires and tire load ratings in that publication.
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Roger, 06 3500 T1N has never had a 80-85 psi tire pressure. 65 PSI is on the pedestal and on the tire of the 3500. The 2500 has 80-85 PSI to have enough weight carrying ability for the single rear tire.

04 3500 with 65 PSI tires


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I have to do something soon its bad! We had 20mph winds here saturday and driving it was a complete nightmare. Had to pass a couple of those prebuilt homes pulled by 18wheelers and thought for sure I was either going off the road or into one while passing them. Expansion joints ... are they hard to replace? Weight (220lb dirtbike directly centered over the rear tires) I have a work bench that weighs about 60lbs directly behind the seats. Any other thoughts or fixes? Thanks again for the replies! Worst case scenario I guess I could get the 16" wheels for the front and try to match that 29.4 diameter the best I can and use the fronts now for rotating rears. I personally think its sidewall flex along with the skinny tires thats giving me issues but im completely new to sprinters so I couldn't say with much conviction. Maybe just some new or stiffer struts?
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1. Stiffer sidewall tires may help like Michelin XPS Ribs but may not be in 3500 size. RV.net forums for Class B campers has lots of topics on how change in tires can make vans squirm all over road.

2. Airtab.com. Make a difference. Smoothes out wind turbulence behind van. Have wind tunnel proof.

3. Steer-safe steering stabilizer--keeps front wheels pointed forward.

4. Other mods like Koni shocks, extra leaf springs, etc probably help general handling but above 3 items probably help most with freeway speeds and winds.


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Thanks for all the replies. I am just going to have to sell these tires and replace them with something else as I never had this problem before and its extremely dangerous in my opinion.

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