Has anyone here bought one of these serviceable drive shafts?


05' 647 NAG1 2500 HT 158"
Not off EBAY. I did purchase a 3 piece from a place in West Palm Beach, FL. It was around a $1000.00. It is not a reworked MB shaft, but a HD
custom build shaft with heavier carrier bearings as well, and fully serviceable. It has Spicer Heavy Duty U-joints.



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I like the $499 price of the eBay units.
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05' 647 NAG1 2500 HT 158"
I agree. The money sounds great. Just hope that there isn't a balance issue. Who is going to take care of
the customer service if there is an issue? By experience I make ask this question.
Locally purchased products are easier to get customer service if there is an issue.



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There is a dealer in North Carolina that is making the retrofit servicable Sprinter Shafts. I was checking them out last year when I was getting my sprinter ready for the road. At that time I didn't know if I would need to replace the shaft and I found that there wasn't a problem so I put that on the rear burner. I will see if I can find the info and post it on here. I think it is on my other laptop.

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I bought a serviceable driveshaft from Driveshaft Specialists Inc .
It it slightly narrower or smaller diameter shaft and has been on 3 months flawless.
I had an OEM hanger bearing burn up before that, I like the HD centre bearing and serviceable parts. If it's made by Driveshaft Specialists, you'll get it on eBay cheaper than I paid ($800).


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I installed a driveshaft from carolinadriveline in spartanburg back in January. Has been working great, and a good price. The one on e-bay looks very similar to what I have, I wouldn't be surprised if it is the same.

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