Front beds???


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My son keeps falling out of the RoadTrek front bed. So I decided to design my own. Simply using a short pole for the table, I've got 4 seats and a table to fully support a wide bed in the front.



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@GAMacky I love how you did the front bed. Can you tell me where you got the wide front bed or how you made it and where you got the shorter table pole? Did you set up the roadtrek table under the bed?


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Does anyone know where to buy the front twin beds for the 2012 model RS Adventurous RV? The Roadtrek website is not helpful at all...


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Cierra - Roadtrek is no longer in business. Sold to Erwin Hymer a couple of years ago and closed this past Feb for financial / fraudulent (?) insiders. Sold to French company Rapido recently.
Auction sale of Tens of Millions Dollars of assets starting July 16
There might be a bed platform or more in the auction !
The following and other news stories in


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Read the article but it appears this auction is for Hymer’s travel trailer business that no one offered to buy. Not sure if any Roadtrek items will be included as the Rapido purchase of Roadtrack’s name and assets appears to be moving forward.

Anyone else have any info?
Check out the attached picture to see a front bed of a different sort that is available in the US. The FASP Slide Shift is a European crash tested 2-seater that slides right towards the center of the van from the driver's seat wall, then converts into a bed that spans the front seats swiveled at 90 degrees.


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