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Getting near the end of my bumper to bumper warranty (3 yrs 60000 Km (37500 miles) here in Canada) and looking at getting extended warranty....especially with all struggles my 05 has had in the last 22 months.

Dealer quoted me $4800 Cdn for 7 yr 160000 Km (100000 mile) bumper to bumper. I would have spent this much on my repairs to date if not for the factory warranty...so I am seriously considering getting the coverage.

Will probably opt for a lower level...the 5 year 160,000 will run me about $3800. Dealer said he would sell me the 5/160 for the gas engine price...or about $3300 (they have two prices for extended warranty...one for regular 2wds and another for 4wd and diesels)

BTW From the factory the Engine coverage here in Canada is 5yrs/160,000 KM and the drivetrain is good for 5yr/100,000 km

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WOW! :eek: That is just shy of US$4,000! I know all of the struggles that you've had with your van, Ed, and perhaps this might give you piece of mind. I just don't know if I could bring myself to spending that kind of $ on a warranty. I've had extended warranties in the past (granted, not bumper to bumper), and whenever I've tried to cash in on it, there is always some ridiculous reason why the warranty doesn't apply.

Good luck with your decision.



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I bought extended warranty before, so was kind of prepared for the choke factor....

Nonetheless it still SUCKS that I need to consider it for a van that should be WAY more reliable than mine has been.:thumbdown:

When I bought it for my Chev Express...we never did use it BUT I am very certain that we will use it on the Sprinter.:rolleyes:



There is an extremely high profit margin in the business of selling extended warranties. Perhaps you can negotiate a lower price. Believe me, there's a lot of profit. :professor:


Anybody have a source to research the
choices and shop price?

I'm at 32000 and kind of worrying about
the huge repair costs I read about.


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I would second Baywood Bill's comment that you should negotiate on price of the extended warranty. When I recently bought my 04 from a dodge dealer in New Jersey, they offered me the 7 year, 100,000 mile extended warranty for, I believe, something like $2200. I was going to pass, and in the end they knocked off $1000 from the price! (They actually took $1000 of the purchase price of the Sprinter so they could show the extended warranty at full price, so they must, as Bill said, make a big profit on the contract or somehow benefit from selling it). The warranty is $100 deductible per incident as I understand it, but the dealer assured me that there are otherwise no strings or tricks. We'll see - haven't had occasion to use it yet and hope I won't, but at that price it seemed hard to pass up.

I don't have the actual price I paid for the warranty at hand and may be off a bit - can look it up if its important to you. Clearly, though, there is some wiggle room.

Hope your Sprinter starts behaving. (It probably will if you spring for the extended warranty).:rolleyes:


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Extended warranty is like playing Russian Roulette.
Depends on which way the ball falls..RED or Black:idunno:
Your damed if you do ! and damed if you don't
Aussie warranty's 100 thousand kilometers on the the lot for three years = 60 thousand miles
New Sprinters 200 Thousand kilometers three years = 120 thousand miles option for extended 5 year warranty on everything even tires and battery's at a cost.
Problem with mine is I wont even make the 60 thousand mile mark before my warranty runs out,
Nuts I'll have to trade it.

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Thanks Zach!

I am going to dig around and see if any of the options discussed are available in Canada. The Plans the dealers sell have different names etc... and I don't think there are many ( if any) private sellers of extended warranties up here. Insurance industry is regulated quite differently here.

Still torn....but the many things that I have had replaced & fixed under warranty are pulling me towards buying Ext warranty. My issues thus far were mostly non drivetrain (except for repeated checks of my RSN)...including the seized idler pulley that took out the serp. belt.



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Just found out that the dealership forgot a few numbers when they quoted the extended warranty for me....$1375 surcharge for being a Sprinter and $150 surcharge for being a diesel...

That puts me over the top of $5000 for so called "piece of mind"


I leave a piece of my mind at the dealership everytime I have to deal with them!...so I am not going to pay them 5 grand for the privilege of having them tick me off, drive me crazy, and keep my van for days on end for the simplest repairs.

So off we go...a 5500 mile trip and only 4000 miles of warranty left, **** the torpedoes & the extended warranty!!! So if you if see our Sprinter dead on the side of the road in MT, ID, UT, AZ, CA, & NV in the next two weeks....Wave!:thumbup:

I will get my parts from guys like John & Steve do what I can myself and get my regular mechanic to do the rest. I may even drive to a dealership like Gary Gibsons in DFW Texas and treat myself to real service and some fine Texas hospitality!:D

Here's to being liberated from DC/Dealership oppression!!!!:lol:


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