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I noticed the other day while crawling around under my van that the carrier bearing bracket was slightly cockeyed...Dont see any evidence of it slipping out of place though. Anyone else notice this? As in if you look at the oval shaped holes that allow the bracket to adjust forward/backwards, one of the bolts heads is more-forward than the other...


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Not to hijack this thread, but I have had this same vibration on decel only for several years now. Seems to come and go a bit, and I've noticed it more in recent warm weather. I have low levels of "normal" RSN, but as incognito noted, this is only when the throttle is released, and seems kind of like the Sprinter version of a big rig engine braking. I have wondered if it's more of a torque converter/tranny thing, or driveshaft and rear end issue.
When I had the van at Upscale a while back, I had them take a quick look. Nothing visually conclusive, and since it's really mostly an annoyance, I opted out of a more involved (i.e., more expensive) diagnostic that would have required disassembling things. That was probably a year or more ago, and the condition doesn't seem to have gotten worse, but defintely still there. Any input is appreciated.
Yes I also have this noise. I wonder if it is related to the rear diff. I recently swapped out my rear diff fluid and still have the noise. Inconito and A.Hayes have describe my problem exactly. :thinking:
I just purchased a 04 with 143k and found the boot missing but don't want to replace the whole thing. Does anyone know of a size or place I can purchase just the joint boot? Great write up!


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Here goes my first post on this site!

I cross-referenced the part from europarts SD and found the entire repair kit, on ebay, for $90.

Here's a link:

Because ebay links dont last forever, here are the part numbers on the box:
Lemforder part number: 25240 01
What i believe to be the Dealer part number: 5104574aa

If it's years down the road and the ebay link doesnt work, a google search of those two part numbers should help those find the center support bearing.



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I completed this job and wanted to share my photos.

For your average shade tree mechanic, this job was not bad. Following this post, I completed the job, in my driveway, in 2 hours. The hardest part was hammering the new one on with rubber mallet because I just wasnt sure how hard to hit it.
Ended up getting frustrated and bashed the sh*t out of it, still using the rubber mallet, and everything ended up fine.
I used a cordless jig saw w/ wood blade to cut rubber of old bearing out.
I read here the 15mm drive shaft bolts torque to 52ft-lbs and the 18mm bearing bolts were 72ft-lbs, so that's what Itorqued them too
I did not have the special hose-clamp tool, so I got innovative and hammered 2 screw drivers into it (see photo). Worked like a charm.
It's also confirmed the above Lemforder part fits a 2006 2500 T1N.

This bearing quieted some of my noise, now onto the terrible rear end whining noise.



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Great instructions! I just replaced one of the carrier bearings on my 2004 158" WB sprinter van yesterday. Your guidance really helped. Thanks!

Replacing this bearing probably helped some, but I still have sound coming from the rear differential bearing. I think the pinion bearing in my differential is wearing out.


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