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The rooftop AC cover and fan were blown off my Airstream Westfalia by a hugh gust of wind from the side while driving up the Columbia River Gorge last week. I have been told by Airstream that the stock units are not available anymore. I liked the ability to run the rear AC without running the generator or tied to land power.
Do you know of a 12 volt replacement unit for a 2005 Airstream Westfalia or do I need to convert to a 110 volt model (of what?)?


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1. Airstream Service Center in Jackson Center Ohio gave this info to you?

2. Ask them for Westfalia contact in Germany for you to hunt down Kerstner AC manufacturer for possible replacement. Airstream should really be doing this.

3. Kerstner AC in Germany. Unlikely they would have made only 250 of these. Probably some interchangeable parts with some other Kerstner units.

4. Post on Yahoo Sprinter Westfalia group for help from S Philiben if you are willing get some customized replacements. Scott thinks that all parts if ac system can be duplicated but at what cost. Or try any ac auto place to see what kind of fans might 7

5. 12 volt systems are hard to get. Kerstner distributor in US will not service our unit but may have replacement unit. Called FutureAir in Dallas Texas or something like that. Sportsmobilehas their own 12 volt system

7. Several folks have removed Kerstner unit and replaced with regular 120 volt system. Ask on Yahoo Sprinte Westfal group if they still have parts.

Please post your findings. Thanks.


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Check Yahoo Sprinter Westfalia group battery switch or John Olsen postings. He posted detailed info on replacement condenser fan.


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Check Yahoo Sprinter Westfalia group battery switch or John Olsen postings. He posted detailed info on replacement condenser fan.
I am currently in the midst of replacing rear ac.
I bought dometic penguin 13500 btu and
Am planning to copy how sportsmobile sells their
Sprinter campers. The unit will run off generator
Shore power 110 ac V current, but also while engine
Running using a Magnum energy pure sign
Inverter. I should be finished with the install
This week. Also it is installed in the same
Roof hole the old one came out of. There is
No need to cut roof. The hole has to be sized
Smaller and sealed. The AC uses the stock box on
Ceiling for vents and intake. I will post pics and wiring
Diagram when all finished.


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bluebox, were you able to install the new ac unit? Our Kerstner just stopped working, I think the motor got fried. We are considering taking it to a place that can rebuild the motor or repair it but not even sure if it's the motor that is defective.

Post pics and instructions if you were able to install the Dometic. We are considering this option as it might be less expensive than trying to fix the Kerstner.

No matter what, it seems very pricey to get AC in our Westy. :-(
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Hello Westy Brothers

Yes I was able to complete the switch to a Dometic penguin 13500 roof AC.
My Kerstner unit was taken off my roof and the garbage man picked it up!
The Dometic features
Runs off land power 110 V
Runs off Generator
Runs while driving down road via Magnum inverter
Runs while sitting still, but needs constant RPM switch to keep revs up to keep Voltage output of alternator adequate.

AC is wired via inverter to main battery not coach batteries.
AC intake and output through original box in ceiling and controlled by digital dometic thermostat.



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Running a roof A\C off a battery is nearly impossible. I have opined in the safety of running the propane genny running (and with the propane lines charged) so I won't go into detail on that subject again.


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Are U Still in Key West? We have a Westie With AC Issues, Rebuilt motor holding charge, but run up and down not constant. About to give up.


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I recently sold my Bambi and was interested in a Westfalia, but contacted my local dealer to ask about things to watch for, and they forewarned me about this problem and said to be very careful, as once the AC goes, the camper would need a complete overhaul and conversion to 110v. So, I'm wondring if there are any realistic workarounds for people in hot climates that depend on the ac to run reliably when the heat index feels like 106.

Also curious how well westy owners have been doing with their sprinters in general. Since I can't really find what I need, I may contract out a custom, and the van is the very foundation, so I'd appreciate some Sprinter owner feedback. If you're in this group, your Sprinter is likely older, and I need to buy used to be able to afford this.


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Find a new dealer.

The Westfalia already has 110v shorepower hookup, with a 110v circuit breakers board, 110v outlets, 110v battery charger/converter, as well as 12v circuits for lights, fresh water tank pump, motorized skylight, cooktop exhaust fan, etc.

The original Kerstner air conditioner was designed as a 12v unit to run off (i) alternator, (ii) 110 v shorepower which runs two Meanwell converters inputting 110v and outputting 12v for the air conditioner, and (iii) Airstream installed propane Onan generator supplying 110v to the Meanwell converters.

Folks have replaced the original unit with hard to source parts with an American market 110v unit as seen on this and other threads.

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