I love Motorcycles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008 3500 170"ext. 3.0 V6
Part #2. Continuation

same as a warming Ice cubes would do, a slow drift towards the edge on a 1955 chevrolets hood !

Working forward I do a Rough LINE projection, where is the new procured inertia sending me! The Rough LINE Projection is ok out to 150' Then it is dead center of a Hemlock tree,

the base being about the size of a LaseBoy recliner. NOT ACCEPTABLE! A quick LINE check to the left of the Hemlock, mountain rolls off so steeply, that it would be a air born

launch I'm guessing 50' to 75', scaling I see 25' to 50' of tree top, and I know these trees to be 100' plus tall, they would never find the bike or Body! I choose the Hemlock!

Clutch in, stab the rear brake, pull in the front binders, center of gravity shifts forward, forks compress, I'm back in the old memory LINE, lets turn this thing 180 ~ around and check on the Dude!

Forks compress, fork tubes are almost vertical, the rear of the bike lifts, and I pivot around the center of gravity, until the rear tire touches down, turn throttle on, feather clutch hard, launch!

The rear Earth to Tire contact patch squarms with all the weight of me and the motorcycle!

The rear Earth to tire contact patch interaction, causes friction, and fusion of rubber and earth!

I feel the rubber distort, I squirt forward, momentum builds, I a'm in the ZONE!

The feeling is Perfection, Utopia, Ecstasy, OMG, Uxorious, I Cream my genealogy!... I'm Alive!...............................................Rapture!

To be continued...:popcorn:
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A good friend of mine had a Honda VTShadow 750, lovely bike, if I ever took my CBT or took a Direct Access course, that'd be the bike for me :)


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Here's my ride. It's a 2009 Kymco 500cc fuel injected. It's a pretty large scoot. We've taken 2 hour rides up to Sedona. A little thirsty at about 48mpg =)



2008 3500 170"ext. 3.0 V6
Pirty Sporty :thumbup:....4 cycle? How many cyclender? What configuration ar the cyclenders, V or inline?...:D:

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