Loud noise when turning on rear A/C


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Our 2005 Dodge Sprinter has the rear A/C. When I turn on the rear A/C sometimes there is a loud noise from the engine compartment, it sounds terrible, like a loud low-toned screech. I can feel it in the engine too when the rear A/C is switched on while driving. I'm guessing there is a compressor for the rear A/C and that it is seizing up or there is something wrong with the clutch. Does anyone know if that would be a correct assessment? Also what is the part number for the rear A/C compressor and is this something I can handle doing myself? The work I have done on the Sprinter has pretty much been maintenance related (front and rear brake pads, oil changes, fuel filter changes) but I have done some more difficult work on other vehicles (converted a '94 Mustang GT from an automatic transmission to a manual transmission).


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Sounds like a loose belt
to test spray some WD40 on the belt if it quietens for a short period its confirmed


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it might be your wife complaining about the cold air.i get that all the time,it can be quite loud.:popcorn:


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First thing to do is make sure that the rear AC belt is tensioned properly. Often the tension pulley set up retracts a bit, or the belt stretches just a bit. If that is OK, then it could be the clutch, but there are frequent complaints that if the unit is not run that often, there is noise on start up and for the first few minutes. If the noise persists after this time, try to take a look at it while it is running to rule out any interference and if those all check out OK, then you may have clutch or comperssor issues.



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This has been a complaint ovrt the years. It's either a loose belt or the compressor making the noise. There's been a lot of discussion, see if this thread is any help: https://sprinter-source.com/forums/showthread.php?t=11787&highlight=rear+noise

Mine will make a belt noise occasionally when I turn it on, but goes away after a few seconds (belt tension is good). The compressor will make a "clunk" every now and then if the rear AC is turned on at idle. I've changed operating procedures by turning it on while I'm driving to see if it would stop. I haven't noticed any more compressor "clunking"


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