Kuhmo Tires on new cargo vans.

FYI. I saw three new, 2011, 2500 cargo vans on a car hauler yesterday and they all had Kuhmo tires. It must be a very recent change because my Sprinter came in three weeks ago and I have Continental tires.



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My 2008 chassis (2010 Class C body) came with Kuhmo tires stock been OK so far....had one road hazard cut, no failure, replacement ordered through tire rack at a very good price.


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This is a copy and paste from the 2010 equipment handbook

Specially requested tires
Details & Technology
A specific tire manufacturer can be selected by specifying Code RM9 and one of the following manufacturer codes when ordering. The
vehicle will then be supplied with ex-works-approved tires from the selected manufacturer.
It is currently possible to choose ex-works tires from the following manufacturers:

Continental (RM9 + manufacturer code 10)
Pirelli (RM9 + manufacturer code 50)
Bridgestone (RM9 + manufacturer code 75)
Michelin (RM9 + manufacturer code 80)
Goodyear (RM9 + manufacturer code 90)

Benefits & Arguments
Allows customers to select their preferred tire manufacturer
Especially suitable for large organizations, e.g. who have contracts with certain tyre manufacturers. Alternatively, if no tire manufacturer
is selected, the vehicle will be assigned tires from one of the listed manufacturers.
Selection of a tire manufacturer does not guarantee delivery of a specific tre model.

Now you can add Kuhmo


I had put a set of Kuhmo E rated on one of my 2003 2500, I had two failures with belt seperation. only had about 6k miles on them. took them all off and put Michelins on and never looked back.

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you have to keep the air pressure at 55-65 otherwise they flat spot like bias plys overnight. when you go to work in the morning it feels like your are running over 2x4s for a mile or 2 until they warm up if below 55psi


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For 2011 they have been using both Continentals and Kuhmo tires as the standard tire. There is the ability to request when you order (2012 now), whether you want one or the other of these two tires. It was true that for 2010 they had more choices, but only Conti or Kuhmo for 2011/2012.

So which would you prefer if you were to order a new Sprinter Van?

By the way, we can still get your order in the system to have the van built and delivered before the end of 2011, but you must hurry with your order as the cutoff will happen anytime.

Just go to www.sprinterguy.com for details.


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Kuhmo and Continental tires only.. Seems a very limted choice as to tire options. As to Highway tread pattern and off road or M+S option.
Any one like to elaborate on the limited options.


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Continental Vanco four season (Code 10) M + S Fitted as standard on my 2011 Extra long. Seems very suitable for our roads here.



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