who got most miles ??


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Well we are at 785,00 we got another 06 that has a new motor he ordered from the factory and a few other major parts... I know your thinking darn lady you would believe anything.., it was my brother in-law's he drove for the same company we do... So My Sweet LIL Gal is going to get some rest... Just use for Shop Stops...
What are the condition issues at 785k miles that caused her retirement?


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She is still in Great Condition... But our other one that we purchased has had the Motor replaced and under 50.000 miles... So we figure use her now when that needs serviced.. And just things around Home... As we All They All Have There Day... Im Very Proud & Love Mine.., I have Spent More Time In My Sprinter In the last 5 yrs than My Home...

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Last I heard Ciprian's 2005 once in expediter service is still seeing occasional use. 770,000+ miles on original drivetrain. My 2004 recently hit 330,000 miles/original drivetrain. I suspect that body rust is what will do in my 2004, not miles.



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‘06 @ 1,083,271
Second engine, currently @ 463,000. Just recently 3rd transmission replacement. All 3 replacements Silverstar, each seems to die a bit earlier than the previous. Carrier bearing in differential @ 997,000, replaced all differential and axle bearings at that time. Ring & pinion and axles are original. Otherwise, usual stuff; couple injector seals, all injectors replaced @ 430,00 on this engine, ac compressor, couple radiators, water pumps, 3 alternators, 3 starters, 1 turbo, hoses, cruise control switch, etc..

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