Building my Adventure Van (2011 NCV3)


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I spent about 5 hours on this thread... awesome! I am trying to do a 'quick' conversion and was wondering if you'd be willing to share a detailed list of your electrical system (batteries, inverter, charge controller, etc.)?



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This might in fact be the PERFECT vehicle color.
It actually looks better with mud on it! :lol:

A month ago we didn't own a shovel and now we're ready for The Snowpocolypse :rolleyes:



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Nice Honda. I miss my Rincon. If it handles snow like it does mud, hills and rock crawling it will make a good snow plow.


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Yup.. there's the odd nick from running into trees/bushes/etc

Nothing I'm worried about fixing yet. :cheers:


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Nice colour, you found for your sprinter.

I´m considering what colour mine shall have. It shall certainly not stay white, though it is very practical when travelling in warm climates.

I have first been thinking of painting it navy grey, but recently I have thought of painting it a light olive colour. Not too dark and not too army looking, but a warm enough colour to fit into nature.

I like yours very much, and you are right; it looks good with mud on:), but I think it will be to dark for travelling southern France in summertime. So maybe a couple of tones lighter.
Is there an official colour code for your colour?

The colour of the one, on the attached picture is also a possibility.



Those tabs are push clips holding the trim panel in place. Geeks van does not have windows in the rear doors.
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Have been getting lots done but haven't had time to update the thread.
Hopefully after we get back from a week on Padre Island camping in the Sprinter I can get this thread caught up.

I re-arranged my interior. There is now a removable kitchen island that is self contained with fridge/sink/stove all in the cabinet. I hope to have the cabinet more finished tomorrow. It comes out with 4 bolts.

With the cabinet removed:

The fridge is built into the cabinet. The mounting takes advantage of the fridge's mount points:

Happy holidays everyone! :cheers:
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"we get back from a week on Padre Island camping in the Sprinter"
Hi I'm going next week to the same place with my rig
Could you tell me the best place to stay there ?


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Unfortunately I have no suggestions - we can't stand campgrounds.
We are going to be offgrid camping on the beach. :cheers:

Some more random pics that I'll fill in details later:

Orange Trim:

more orange trim:

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I read through nearly all of your thread over at ADVrider, but didn't finish it. I like the new look, but no more fold-down tray for use with the door open? I rather like the looks of that setup. Did it not work out well in day to day use?


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On the contrary! The fold down tray is awesome.. used it constantly.

I'll be putting one on this cabinet as well as well as a second one that folds down for the passenger seat when facing rearward.
I just don't have time to do it before we head out on vacation.

I'll do it after we get back.


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