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They seem to have good inventory relative to other NW dealers but the sales guy I worked with did not impress me so I ended up ordering a van through a different dealership.


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I bought my Sprinter last month from Jim and he seemed to know his stuff. The actual sale went pretty smooth and I felt like I got a good deal. I'd recommend him and the dealership.
I hear good things about Lynnwood Mercedes and their fleet guy up there. I was not impressed with Bellingham Mercedes sales guy I was passed off to. No follow up and he didn't act like he wanted to find me the van I wanted but instead persistently tried to sell me a van on his lot.


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Yes...his name was Jim.

I ordered my passenger van in November from the Eugene, OR dealer...salesguy was Eric. I live in Portland (we don't have a MB dealer...only a FL) and priced out my specs with the FL dealer, Salem, Tri-Cities, Tacoma, and Eugene.


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Calling all Sprinter owners and prospective Sprinter buyers,

My name is Mike Moser. I am a Sprinter rep for Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma. I organize a number of Sprinter meetups and events. If you would like to get involved or would like any information on Sprinters, I would be glad to help. Just send me an e-mail with your contact information and I will add you to our Community Outreach list. We have a large selection of Cargo, Crew, and Passenger Vans at my location. We also provide you with a simple 4x4 ordering process. We work directly with preferred "Master Upfitters" that can customize your Sprinters.

We'll see you out there on the road,

Mike Moser
Sprinter Specialist
(253) 250-6389



2016 Unity TB
I have a 2016 LTV Unity with a worn, outer front tire at 28K miles. Edward, the Sprinter service person at MB Tacoma was less than helpful. Without inspecting the rig, certain it is a camber issue even though two tire shops suspect a tie rod/control arm. Wants me to buy the bolts to make this setting adjustable even though the Sprinter is under warranty (OK...), but then says the rig won't fit in their brand new Hunter alignment machine and had no suggestions on where or how to proceed. Save your time and go elsewhere...


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I've tried to contact Tacoma MB twice now. For an airbag recall I phoned them two times, attempting to get an appointment. several months later I called to try and get a quote for my first B service. I left messages each time, I have never received a return call from them. I will not be considering them for anything in the future.


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Lynnwood has a huge brand new dedicated Sprinter facility. I am still waiting on my van from them, so I can't provide an experience report, but I like what I've seen so far.


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