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Hey guys,
I was wondering what the difference is with the 118 hitch opposed to the ones for the longer Sprinters?
Is there more of a offset to clear the spare?
I'm just looking for different options to get one to work on mine with my rear steel step.



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I can't answer your question directly, but I emailed a guy off ebay that is selling a hitch that came off of a 118.

Current bid is at $99.


This is a quote from his listing...

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Fits 118 inch wheel base vehicle. May fit others.

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]This hitch was on a Dodge Sprinter van for ONE week, the thing is like new - then the owner decided he wanted to do something different and didn't want the hitch anymore. This is about a $300.00 value brand new, so this unit is a GREAT deal for someone who needs one. [/FONT]​
I emailed him to see if the hitch will mount with the spare tire and got this reply...

As long as your spare standard size, nothing modified. This cannot mount with a step bumper on the rear. It's OEM part number 8220943. Please note, installation assistance not included. Thanks for asking!
By the looks of how that hitch mounts, it's certainly different from how my 140 hitch mounts. Mine does not have the horizontal tab that rest below the frame.

If you look in the picture below, the horizontal tabs mount where the gray step mount to.

Right behind the hitch, you can see a single bolt that the gray step pad mounts to the crossmember.

Andy, how does you metal step pad mount? My thinking is not only does your metal step pad rest lower than the gray plastic step blocking the hitch, the mounting locations probably will pose the bigger problem. :idunno:


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My metal step mounts right in the same holes/ location that a regular hitch would mount. I might just have to either take it off and cut the the bracket and raise it so I have access to the receiver or custom mount one. Those brackets on that hitch (118) looks just like the brackets on my rear steel step.

I saw that ad too :smilewink: It 's about a 4 hour ride from here. That's to far of a trip to check it out so that's why I asked here.
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