Rough idle, getting worse...


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Hey folks. I had a new transmission installed this past winter and I'm not sure if that helps relate to my issue here, but after I start up the vehicle, drive it all day, it still has a rough idle. It started a few days ago. It was also prominent after the transmission was installed but one quick touch of the throttle would smooth it back out. After a day it wasn't an issue.

Now, touching the throttle does nothing, as the idle is still rough. The rpms didn't drop at all from what I noticed at idle before the roughness began. You can feel it mostly through the steering wheel and it's quite annoying. Any assistance or items that I can check to fix this issue would be great!


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Could be you need a new injector (or more than one). Run the injector leak-off test to determine. Find the test details by searching using the search tool in the blue bar above.


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<- click on my username and search for my past posts. I wrote up a simple description of how to run the unjector test for a few bucks of tubing at HomeDepot.
Also look for air bubbles in the fuel lines and it might be time to change your fuel filter.
These are all fairly simple procedures you can do in an afternoon and often are the causes of a rough idle. Well, *checking* all of these are fairly simple. Replacing injectors can be very difficult (not always, though, mine came out by pulling on it with my fingers), and replacing fuel lines is a pain in the butt. If you have to change fuel lines, MAKE SURE you put them in the oven or on a heater to get them nice and supple so they are easier to snake through their appropriate holes. A fuel filter can be changed in an hour or less.
If you need parts, most of us shop at EuropartsSD.
Waynerodd (a user on this forum) has new injectors at great prices.
Good luck and keep us posted. :thumbup:


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Thanks guys I'll have a look. I gather there is no idle air controller that I could clean/replace on these vans. So far almost everything that has given me problems with driveability is computer controlled, ha. Overall for what I paid for the van (used) outfitted it with the box, etc, and considering what I've spent in maintenance and so on over the last few years it's saved me a god 35% over a comparable gas cube van. Great mileage is a definite bonus.

I purchased an engine oil dipstick through Europarts last year. Price was decent considering it's something that isn't readily found in North America!


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We had a van with rough idle last week. It seemed like the engine was misfiring but it turned out to be the flywheel.

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