Mecedes RS Adventurous2008 wth electric bed


Roadtrek 2008 Mercedes

Does anyone know of a company that makes sheets to cover those electric beds that Roadtreck puts in the R S Adventurous? I made some for all those bed cushions but it was a lot of work!


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Hey Birdy,
I began making them and gave up finally settling on twin fitted sheets for the electric bench and 1 each for the smaller two. I discovered that fitting the corners on the small ones from the top, then wrapping them 3 times fits perfectly. Tuck in the excess width and voila'. We slide a strip of non-slip rubber mat beneath each which keeps them from sliding off. We leave the 2 smaller cushions home and make the bed with twin sheets, open in center making it easier to get in and out, and reach cabinets. I just roll them to the foot during the day, leaving the fitted sheets, raise the bench for day use. Works great! Linda and Grady 2006 Adveturous

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We use a duvet cover w/ a sheet. Toss it out at bed time, tuck in and call it a night..... Morning...fold in half and "bed roll" it.. Fits into a pillow case for storing...


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When using fitted sheets, elastic "sheet suspenders" or "bed bands" available at Amazon, Walmart, Target etc help to keep the sheets from popping off. You can also make do-it-yourself versions, use strips of elastic and safety pins, fastening them on the underside of the corners of the sheets.


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