did anybody had the same problem with A/C


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hi all, i have a problem with my a/c , it runs good till I shut off the engine, if I start the engine again (or in 5 mins), it flows HOT air instead of COLD for 5-7 minutes , anyone knows what causes the problem.
\\\\\ 2006 158WB
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Recently, I had problems with the front A/C switching from full cold to full hot. I noticed that it seemed to occur just before the vehicle would fail to start due to low battery voltage. My Scan Guage was displaying between 11 and 12 volts with the engine operating. I replaced the alternator. Now the voltage is normal and I have not had any further A/C problems.

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Have you changed your a/c cabin filter lately? It made a HUGE difference to mine when I changed the filter, it looked like it was the original.


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Do you have the circulating switch that keeps circulating water even after the engine is shut off pushed? This is designed to keep the cab warm in the winter time, while you run in real quick and get a cup of coffee and chat with the guys at the filling station only to return to a warm truck? :shhh:

This happened to me the other day. No Cold air. The fans were off then I noticed the circulation fan was on. :bash:

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