Alaska, Anchorage, AL (Freightliner)


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Freightliner of Alaska is the only Sprinter certified dealer in the state and is very much a work in progress. I have visited the dealership several times over the last year and it seems they are trying to get up to speed but they have had a lot of turnover in staff including 3 different service managers in one year. As of today, they have one certified Sprinter tech. He seems fairly knowledgeable but is very new to the Daimler way. He does have and seems to understand the MB scan tool. He spent almost an hour with me on one visit showing me what it can do. The shop has no lifts or pits for underside work but they claim it is in the works. Parts availability is improving. I had my first service done last week and it went without a hitch.

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144" 4x4 arriving 3/2018
I put down a deposit on a new van that the dealer had already ordered on Feb 14, 2018 and they stated it would arrive in 1 month, maybe 5 weeks at the latest. I checked in with them a few weeks before I expected it to arrive to find that my salesman no longer worked there and spoke with the other Sprinters salesman. He stated he would keep me in the loop when the van was suppose to arrive but couldn't give me a date. Well, it's now over 4 weeks past when they expected it and it takes at least two days to get a "let me look into it" response. Finally after calling and emailing so many times today they say it's not even getting shipped until next week and I probably want take delivery until at least 6 weeks after it was expected.

Bottom line: expect poor communication from sales and don't expect that they have any clue where your van actually is

....stay tuned to see if they can right this wrong


2017 4x4 144 Cargo
I took my 2017 4x4 Cargo in and showed them where it was leaking water inside via the body molding clips... not a prob, sealed them all under warranty... earlier they had installed my Winter kit... the Parts Guys have all been helpful...
I’ve had good service every time I’ve been there.. I had planned to order mine thru them but the next open slot was around 2 months out so I custom ordered mine thru a Dealer near Tacoma who had a blank Cargo Van slot for a build starting in a week, 5 months later I flew down and brought it back...
they are starting to do their own custom upfitting, from what I saw they were doing a good job... I’ve been happy with all the work they’ve done for me so far...


I’ve been there twice since 2017 when we bought our used 2016 off craigslist. They did our first Service A. Then last week they did the airbag recall. I also ordered OEM Roof rails for $315 two years ago from them. They have been fine to work with now that they are in their new location, which is much bigger and suited to working on these big vehicles.

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