DIY 2007 Sprinter Radio Install


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I did it without ordering parts from Europe.
Now you can too.
Stand by for Part 3: 19" Widescreen LCD
The LCD is 70% done.

You can click on "download" to just open it up, or right-click and "save target as". They are .mhtml files. I kept the files under 5mb so the host won't delete them after 45 days.

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Not sure if it's me or your link:thinking: but all I'm getting is spam and westen codex


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The files are there, although it's hard to discern where the file is and what link you have click on to get it because of the noise surrounding it.

Click on the doc file left of the red "click here."

Unfortunately, I don't have Word so I can't read it.


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Converted. Links are updated in first post.

IE, Firefox, and Opera should all be able to open it now.

You don't have to save the target, but it might be good to have. :thumbup:
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If someone can upload them into Wiki for me (if they think it would be good there), by all means do it. I couldn't figure it out.

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Please see if you can post what polarities pins 1,2,7,8 are.
I have the cargo van, and just plugged some wires into those pins so I can add the rear speakers that were not wired up from the factory. I tried testing them with a meter, but couldn't get readings. I just might try to listen to see if they are in phase or out of phase....

BTW: your kit looks great.


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Sorry, I probably won't have the radio out again until December. That BOSS radio ended up dead on me. Stopped reading discs and no screen dimmer at night. So I put the old radio back in for now. I do not recommend any BOSS radio with a screen!

Saving up for JVC KD-AVX33.

So now I have the 19" widescreen in, and no DVD player :popcorn:

The angle is perfect with the screen tilted up snug against the headboard. I was worried about pulling the roof in at the antenna, but there is very little bouncing and very stable. Worked like a champ when the dvd player WAS working...:cry:


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Have you applied for a patent?

Kidding aside, can i get some 'specs/dimensions from you later?


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I don't know if this makes any sense or not? But would the glare of a large tv be a problem driving at night? I can't make up my mind if I want something like this or the headrest that you can replace? I need to do something quick the kids are going crazy!


2008 2500 170" EXT
Have someone hold a screen or laptop playing dvd above your head while on a test drive....

couldn't be worse than those new light on some vehicles.

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