What did you do to your Sprinter today.


I started down the path of wiring repair in my ex-Limo...O.M.G.

The previous crew apparently could not solder, and didn't know what crimps and butt splices were. Can you imagine what they used instead???

Wire nuts, stripping the insulation off the sides of wires and wrapping a tap wire around it, KNOTS, and in one case, a 110VAV wall wart was included to power a PA mic - see picture.

And all of it was wrapped in wad after wad of black electrical tape that had basically melted into a black goo.


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2004 2500 140"cargo l/r
Brand new rear door prep work for paint. It is the biggest part-brand new I ever put on this T1N ! And rather rare item this days.

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I had my 4th of July weekend travel plans cancelled - so I dove both feet into injector seal replacement on #1 (or is it #3?) since I’ve never done it before and it’s so easy to get to. The ‘Black Death’ wasn’t to bad and after following lots of advice on here about pre-soaking, cleaning, then using the running engine to loosen the injector I was able to pull it by hand. So far, so good after a 30 minute test drive.

While I was in there, I also replaced the PVC assembly (no idea if or when it was changed before my ownership).

Also installed new Bilstein B6 struts last week - really like the ride - then again, I had zero damping pretty much before.


Always learning...
T1N Installed rear: 140 passenger two leaf springs, Bilstein shocks, sway bar bushings and links. Nice upgraded ride and control.
Skipped due to time constraints: Super Springs, front shocks etc. Another day will come.
Can you say more? Was this in a previously single rear sprung cargo van? I've been contemplating this for years now. Also, did you get them from general spring? Seems to be the only option.

Will have to wait now for a while for me, just sprung for new injectors.


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Can you say more? Was this in a previously single rear sprung cargo van? I've been contemplating this for years now. Also, did you get them from general spring? Seems to be the only option.

Will have to wait now for a while for me, just sprung for new injectors.
My 06 140 lightly loaded cargo with newly installed double leaf springs, just completed a great 1,000 mile RT to le lac du Coeur d'Alene, experiencing excellent ride at speed on narrow winding WA and ID state highways. Very happy with results. Slow travel on gravel, potholes, unchanged swaying and bounce. As stated, rear Sumo springs and front struts, sway bar bushings and hardware on the summer work order.
Boneyard frontal crashed140 passenger was donor of the 2 leaf apparently stock springs. $150 no core.
Note both trucks from west coast so no rust issues with springs etc.
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2007 Freightliner with a lot of miles. Odometer only displays numbers when you first crank it. I bought "Rusty", a picture paints a lot of rust spots, a couple of months ago to take the place of my Dodge Dakota as my work vehicle. Rusty didn't come with any racking system so I am having to build my own. Unfortunately lumber prices in WA have skyrocketed along with our housing market. So I had to resort to using scrap lumber I had laying around my storage unit. I did have to buy 2x3's, 3/4" ply and just bought the 1/2" ply for the last item....the drawers. I do maintenance work for 6 resident homes with 25 residents each. Any day I can wear a plumbers hat, painters cap, be a carpenter or move furniture or make a dump run. See picture below to see what I did to the back of my truck and what it has turned into today. I don't know what I will be doing usually from day to day. Or I can get called away from this job to report to another house that needs work. Needless to say I need to carry all of my tools, supplies and more. Thus the Sprinter purchase.


What I am working out of today.


Upper pull-outs....


Drawer units.

Now to Rusty....


First unit built from scraps holds my compressor and 2 air tanks. I can't use the compressor inside due to the noise disturbing the residents so I have to fill a tank and use that for my nail guns. I was just checking the layout here. I have since secured them in. I will build slots in the empty spaces to hold the guns and brad nails.


Then I added a workbench. I will attach my battery charges on the right side. My plans are for at least one house battery located under the bench to power my chargers, air compressors, lights and other items as needed. I wire brushed the wheel well and painted it next.

I can only attach 5 pictures so I will have to make a second post.

WA RedBear0419211940_HDR.jpg0419211901a_HDR.jpg0610211430_HDR.jpg0509211832_HDR.jpg0514211757a_HDR.jpg


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Post #2....
I have to cut plywood from time to time so I bought these jobsite table sawhorses. I set 4' 2x4's between them to hold the ply. This storage bin holds both the horses and the supports. It sticks out into the doorway a little because the end is up against the wheel well.


This is a side view of the cabinet. I secured the cabinet to the side wall using the track system already installed and bolting an "L" bracket to the nut adaptor.


Two things to point out in this picture. I am storing all of my ladders, scalding and canopy along the divider wall. I drilled holes and used eye bolts to attach bungies as hold backs. Notice the blue tape on the divider wall. That is holding a one slot "E" track. I attached it to the bulk head with 1/4x20 bolts and inserted a loop attachment. I went camping over Memorial day at our new church camp for a work weekend. I attached a second loop above the back doors and used those to hang my hammock.


I am using Rusty today, see his sides, to put together a picnic table. I am using my sawhorses and canopy. Like I stated....I never know what I will need so I carry everything.




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Post #3

I added the lower supports on the right side. I will be able to store one of my Ridgid baskets on top of the wheel well and my cones behind it. I found the book case for free in a yard. I attached front stops to prevent items come falling out and set it up on a base as well. I got the idea of the base after viewing a Nissan van. It had metal racks in it and they were designed to carry 4'x8' sheets of plywood laying on the floor. So I designed mine to do the same. I have 52" of space between them and 6" in height. I will shows pictures at the end hauling plywood.


The left side braces are complete. I used the track brackets to hold 2x6 material so I could get the space underneath to put 2 of the Ridgid baskets. This second batch of 2x3's had square edges and made the joints a lot neater then the rounded edges. I used a pocket hole jig for all of the joints. I had to get creative on the short 4.5" pieces. You can see the 6" gap on the bottom for plywood. My plan on this side is to take the two large drawer units you saw in the back of my truck and turn them on edge and router slots to hold dividers. This will hold all of my power tools and more.


My first plywood haul. It works. The floor has a track system on both sides that I use to secure items on the floor as needed.


Using the sawhorse setup again to drill, route and cut the sides for my drawer units.


The three drawer units installed on their base. Each unit can house up to 7 drawers.0628211801_HDR.jpg


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Post #4

I carry my two wheeled dolly in case I have to haul anything like a stove last week. I had to buy ramps to be able to get the heavy items into the van. As you all know it is a high step to get into the vans. I was going to put them on top of the drawer units but then I had an idea. Build 3 cubbies on top of the drawer units and place the ramps on top. This allowed the longer ramps to sit on top of the book case and NOT protrude out into the door. Can never have to much storage. I used the red straps that came with the ramps to hold them in place.


Four sheets of 3/4" plywood fit just fine. In order to have enough clearance for 2 baskets I had to route the bottom shelf into the bottom of my support arm. So the 6" height for plywood is the bottom of the shelf.


That is it so far. I bought the 1/2" plywood to start on the drawer units this week but that didn't work out so far. Maybe next week........


UK 2004 T1N 313CDi
Hi @waredbear I see that Rusty is a 2500, have you weighed it recently with all your added weight? I can see this very quickly going over your GVWR!

But nice looking build on a budget.

The floor cabinets I added in the rear section behind the axle came from pieces of plywood I had had around my shop for years, so they were well aired out. VOC's can be an issue to some sensitive types. Painting a sealer coat or any kind of finish coat can isolate the VOC's, as long as every surface is coated and sealed. After the fact, but there is plywood available that is toxic fume free from the adhesives used in making plywood.

Every wood joint was put together with screws and construction adhesive. I did not want to rely upon screws alone in case of a collision. Your pocket screws are great to use with wood glue, but construction adhesive is even stronger, although little messy at times.

You might consider using some fasteners on the cabinet legs to the floor besides the wall connectors. I used the construction adhesive on those cabinet to floor connections too for a little extra insurance, hopefully. haha

Thanks for sharing your project with all of us.


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Technically it was done yesterday but finally replaced my turbo. I've been chasing a P2359 Low Boost code for almost 2 years. Replaced and tested anything and everything but the turbo. Was getting really discouraged when nothing seemed to fix it. Finally broke down and put in a new Garrett turbo. Van is like a completely new vehicle and has my enthusiasm for converting it renewed. Time to dig in and start transforming it...!!!

Keep Rolling...Chris


A few months ago someone asked what a part was that was hanging off his gearbox. Well I replaced that same part on mine today after hearing a new clunking when shifting gear at the weekend. The bolt had dropped out, seems to be a common issue and the bloke at the parts shop said they go through a lot of these parts. They wont sell the bolt on its own so I added a wee dab of loctite to help it stick around. Anyways, the whole kit - flywheel and bolt came in at £44.40. Fortunately the plastic strap was still attached to the gearbox so that no doubt saved a few more £££.

There is no discernible difference in gear shift feel at the stick, perhaps it does something inside the box itself. Saying that, I did feel the engine was a lot smoother when driving it after fitting. :ROFLMAO:

As far as time taken, it took more time to crawl under the motor and get the headtorch lined up than it did to fit, couple of minutes.

Old part below with part No.


Sprinter Enthusiast!
I changed my bike mount from my fat tire Skookum to my new Turbo Levo !
longer wheelbase…
I keep my ride inside, safe and stays clean too…
can still use my passenger side rear door..

View attachment 188153
I love my 2020 Levo!
Trying to justify moving up to a 2022 for the mullett and frame and suspension updates...
Big $$$!
I think I am going to try to copy your mount- looks great- where do you store your front wheel?
I normally travel with the wheels on for quick deployment, but on my Alaska trip next year (fingers crossed) I won't be riding every day for a week or more of travel time multiple times- so I like your idea.


2017 4x4 144 Cargo
Canada just announced that they are opening the border to fully vaccinated people on Aug 9th so I am getting this done in time for a road trip !!
I keep my front wheel in a wheel bag.. I'm moving my Mule Bag on that side forward for a bit more room at the fork mount and reversing the fork direction in the pics, the caliper was close to the door frame in that direction, this is how it now looks, super easy access to the fork axle now...
you could easily keep 2 bikes like this inside too, I can still use the back door and walk thru..
I plan to charge via my inverter and house bank when needed so I have a bit more freedom...
certainly a lot of $$ and it's peace of mind keeping it inside vs on a rack where it's visible and also gets dirty...
I wanted to go to the Redbull Rampage near Zion but they moved the date foward and I am going to be near Mt Shasta at that time, but I might make it to Taylorsville for the Rendezvous...
this ride is a game changer, especially for us old farts !! Lots of awesome trails up here for you to explore when you visit !!


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