What did you do to your Sprinter today.


2007 Great West Van on 2006 2500 T1N
Not ever having been a DIY car guy, I’ve progressed to my 1st DIY fuel filter replacement next. Then, as I check off the 60,000 Service A list, was the differential fluid change ’hard’? Youtube should be my 1st stop as usual.
Suggestions welcome.

Not hard at all just need a14mm hex socket; at least for a 2006 T1N.

Finished the trans service fluid and filter. Not hard just takes some time.


With the help of a friend... I got a few things done on my rig today.

* Unmounted a optional Webasto rear A/C compressor
* Pulled the driver seat, extracted all the electrics for said A/C system, got everything back together and the van still works (whew. Had a minor scare when reattaching terminal to battery and nothing would work; turned out a bit of scrubbing with a wire brush solved that)
* Extracted a bunch of other optional wiring that snaked through the rear of the cabin

Next up is to somehow remove a funky mounting plate for that compressor that's still in there. Removed two bolts that I could see but the plate is still firmly in place, got to figure out where other bolts could be. And then I'll be removing a damaged power steering pressure hose and replacing it. Once that's done I'll be far more comfortable driving it again!


2005, 2500
I like to believe that I'm the first one to admit when I've done something idiotic, or neglected to do something obvious. This is a chance to do exactly that. I've been living with rear door rattle since I bought the van a few years ago. Bought the top plastic guide plate, tried a bazillion adjustments, and finally resigned to the fact that it was just going to rattle...until I was watching old American Picker reruns (sprinter years) with my daughter last week and noticed that THEY had a bottom scuff plate on thier van...looks like that's supposed to be there. So I put the lower plate on today and now the doors are giving me the silent treatment, like my wife does, only way better.20210402_145645.jpg

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I like to believe that I'm the first one to admit when I've done something idiotic, or neglected to do something obvious. ...
Maybe you missed this thread.


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Used the 2004 vs the 2006 for a trip to a lake vacation.

Our daughter decided we should rent a lake house to celebrate the family being fully vaccinated and substitute for her traditional Spring Break trip to Aruba . We had a couple of good hiking days, and a couple days of snow. The change from home was nice. (I'm certain my daughter would have preferred Aruba.)

My plan was to retrieve the 2006 from my son and use that for the trip. The 2006 has 187,000 miles and still looks pretty. The 2004 has 338,000 miles and is ugly... BUT, the 2004 only has one bench seat installed so more cargo room. :thumbup:

The 2004 performed flawlessly. It does have more rattles than the 2006. I still really do like my 2004 rusting out wreck. I'll miss it when it is eventually forced into the scrapyard.

:cheers: vic
Bedliner can save your old 04 high mileage van for years to come.

Save these relics, if at all possible. We T1N owners know what a treasure these models are for their relative simplicity and reliability.

After over a decade, my choice to buy an 06 has never been in question.

If I was in the market, I would no doubt search for another T1N.

Since you own two, your are obviously on the same page.

Thanks to all here. Happy Easter.


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This is more like “What did you intend to do to your Sprinter today”
OR “Don’t You Just Hate it When”
I picked up a Fiamma F80S awning from Agile Off Road friday. Today (Easter Sunday) I opened the huge box, it was very well packed. This is one of the few times in my life I actually read through the instructions real quick.
Glad I did. Turns out they require using Sika 252 adhesive sealant as part of the install process.
But guess what... they don’t include a little tube. It wouldn’t take much. WTF? It’s not like the average Joe has this stuff laying around in his garage. Nor did 3 auto-parts stores and “Home Despot.”

And, since Fiamma is too tight to include a small tube of Sika 252, Any seller that markets these awnings should make it clear to the customer what’s needed and of course have the stuff or a comparable product available for an add on sale (I resisted using all caps there).
Seems like a no brainer.

SO Disappointed I’m not getting the awning mounted today. I ordered the Sika 252 on amazon ($19), will hopefully have it wed. Hopefully get the awning installed the next day. Dang it.
These types of experiences make me really wish I would’ve known about the Storyteller Mode vans before I bought my Sprinter in Jan of 20. I’d much rather be out enjoying some place than working (or trying to work) on my van. But hey that’s just me. 🤷🏽‍♂️
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Tow T1N with V10 diesel by VW ? Great shot

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Towed my 04 158" from Greenville, SC to Toledo, OH for an engine rebuild/replacement at Wayne Rodd's shop.
Good to hear that Wayne Rodd is still working on Sprinters! :thumbup: :thumbup:

Give him my best when next you see him.

:cheers: vic


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Thanks! The tow rig is a 2011 Touareg with a 3.0L V6 TDI power plant. It’s a great engine for the task.
I am falling in love with new 2021 Tiguan only if VW has TDI engine on.


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I drive city/county roads. I had been getting 17 - 20 mpg.
I had to look back. Three tanks ago, I had the trans serviced, replaced the wire plug. The fluid had been quite low and dirty.
I got 23mpg on the last tank. I'm blaming the trans service.


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Cleaned the egr and looked for any leak between the intercooler and the intake. Only cleaned and tightened some clamps, test drive successful!


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2 days ago, Installed a Pocono Swivel on passenger seat. It’s very flexy imo. Tried different levels of tightening on the 6 bolts around the circle, still flexy. That said, I haven’t had an opportunity to compare other installed swivels in VS30 sprinters. But I’m quite sure MB swivels don’t flex anywhere near this amount. The workmanship and materials look top quality, just flexy which may be the tradeoff with a swivel since it’s a moveable mechanism. Scopema and Alpine owners, are your swivels flexy?
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Installed a Van Compass rear diff skid plate today.
Had a question, left a voice message with VC, got a call back a few minutes later.
I like that VC. 👍🏽👍🏽
Other companies not nearly as fast, if they call back at all.
Easy 25 minute install, nice quality product that should give that rear diff and cover plate some protection!
Next up a Fiamma F80S awning, and Aluminess Nerf Bars, a horn to wake and enlighten the inattentive, and a few other goodies. Not necessarily in that order.


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