What did you do to your Sprinter today.

I installed my Lagun table today, I ordered the mount only from Lagun NW LLC for $189.00, including shipping and tax. I made a small table from 1/2" Apple ply, the table is small because it has to fit on the back of my galley cabinet.



2013 144
Where Val parks her van she doesn’t get a lot of sun, especially during the winter months. So I added another Renogy slim panel in front of the MaxxAir. I used mounts from eBay instead of Hein’ sad they were cheaper (I used his his on the first 200w), and they are definitely not as stout. I’m thinking that I will attach something 80/20 1517 series to connect all of the panels along the side, and then a piece across the front panel, just because it will look cleaner. But that’s an additional $100+ to spend another day... I just wanted to see how this addition panel looked.

Don’t pay attention to the cable bundle; I only had 10’ cables on hand and couldn’t find my other MC4 connectors to cut down the cables to proper length, and it was windy and low-50’s out (that’s chilly for us Californians... [emoji1787])

We had our first breakdown, luckily it was only a bad ground on the ECM, but I'd like to be more prepared than I was...again, thoughts and opinions welcome.
Seems like the van is doing the same thing...started, ran very briefly, then died. Cranks over but won't start. Luckily this time it is in our driveway so we aren't stranded. Thinking the first place to start would be getting a code scanner.


2007 LTV Serenity
I just use one of those displays that you always have on the dash, only I am cheap so I went with Ultragauge


When I got that issue it claimed I was dealing with an EGR issue (error code 404, engine not found :), so I cranked it up a few more times and drove it hard, and the problem went away. I will need to clean it someday, but a lot of the soot issues can be ameliorated by warming everything up.


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Installed the T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness 118649 with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector from Tekonsha. It rained all morning and was a wet/cold install but the wiring kit was easy to install and seems to work well. The hitch did not arrive at the shop yesterday though so I've got trailer wiring but no hitch...


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It has rained/snowed a couple of times since the roof top A/C repair and there is no sign of a leak since the repair.


I brought it home, quadrupling the mileage on the odometer from 16 to 67.

Technically, that was yesterday, but close enough.

2019 170 Cargo


Cut some 1/2" rubber mats to fit the front of the cargo area. Need one more piece.



Finally fitted my custom made one off tyre/tire rack today, John at Owlvans came through for me after finding out that my original rack wasn't compatible with my door due to not having the magnet stay with inner reinforcement, so he made a one-off for me.

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I had to remove my self fitted Thule door lock, but that's ok, they are trash anyway.

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The 2004 OEM headlights are quite fogged. They clean up and then fog again. Picked up a brand new Hella driver side headlamp assembly. 40 bucks new because it had a broken black plastic tab. That part wasn't needed for the Dodge anyway.

I marked the headlight aim on our garage door before changing out the unit. I figured I'd need to adjust. Powered up the headlamps. It was a bit off aim until the whirring position motor brought it right to where it belonged. I shoulda figured that the Germans would have everything tweaked in at the factory.

The new headlamp looks great. :thumbup: Now the other side looks even worse with the comparison to new. :thumbdown:

I'll need to wait for another deal though. It's not worth the money to me at the regular price.

:cheers: vic


Changed shoes, took off the Falken Wildpeaks after say 10,000-12,000 miles, and put on the Conti Winter Contacts. The Conti's are Whisper Quiet in comparison to the Wildpeaks.



Installed VanCompass suspension on my 2013 144. Bilstiens struts and Fox rear shocks. Then took it in for an alignment. Amazing difference in ride.

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