What did you do to your Sprinter today.


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I'd be interested in more details on this. I'd like to power my stereo and amp (both aftermarket) from my house batteries for camping. Maybe not quite the same setup - maybe some type of switch where the stereo/amp draws power from main electrical when the van is running and then a switch to draw from house when not.
You’d probably want to use a couple of SPST relays or a single DPDT relay for that, with the main power connected to the normally closed circuit (center pin) and the house power on the normally open circuit. A rocker switch could then serve double duty to activate the main stereo power (yellow wire) relay and activate the acc line (red wire) on the stereo. Run power to the switch and relay from the house battery and away you go.

Alternatively, I’ve been playing with the idea of installing a house battery and putting in a battery selector switch to run everything without running a crazy amount of extra wires for accessories. Someone on here did that, I think Aquaputana. Some of them even have an option to connect both batteries which could be helpful on really cold mornings when she’s cranking slow
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BrennWagon thanks for the details.

I dropped by my local Home Depot today and saw a couple of spray cans of black Herculiner, but nothing in a can so I could roll it on, which is my preference. I will keep looking.

I did buy a spray can of gray Rustoleum for some minor touch ups, here and there. The color does not match, but it is all going to get covered by bedliner before much longer.

Fortunately, the only rust bubbles I have found were the size of a dime on the top corners on my windshield. I will sand those out, spray some of the gray Rustoleum over those spots and then cover everything with bedliner in due time.

Thanks for the inspiration to get 'er done.


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Got a quick bed frame installed so we can go camping. Plan on using the van and determine what we need and don’t need in conversion. It’s a crew 144 high roof for a family of 4, so we don’t have a lot of extra space. Hope to complete my right of passage this weekend and install fan. Nervous but I think I’m prepared. I also figured out how to post pics on here.



Got it back this morning although there is still some relatively minor bodywork to be done. Wanted to get the mechanical service done and start hauling.

Had 30 minutes so I added some Butyl sound deadener to the top wall panels at roughly 25% coverage. 1-1/2” of thinsulate and some marine vinyl will be going over it at some point. Had this left over from other projects so put it to use. About the simplest project imaginable.



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Cleaned the EGR valve at 33k miles. PITA to get out... Took a lot of wiggling and niggling, but it came out and service was done in situ w/o removing coolant lines. I think this is a must ~ every 30k miles.

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I am curious how well an Ultra Sonic cleaner would work? I have one I used to use for Jewlry repair and works great on small engine carburetors.



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Fit my fresh powder coated OEM allows, and KO2's, very slight rubbing on right full lock, and thats with 245/75/R16. I do plan on a 5" lift kit later this year though, so that will be rectified.

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Some Euro sprinters are sold with a 1-2" lower ride height than the factory 2WD units in North America. So its not as tall as it might sound. The 4x4s are lifted something like 4" from the NA spec 2WD, so 5" probably would put the sprinter in line with NA 4x4s.


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Finally installed my auxiliary battery and isolator under the seats. They really made it painless when they designed these vans


Hi Brennwagon, would love to hear about your auxiliary battery install since we have the same year T1N. Any pics? Thank you 😊


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Hi Brennwagon, would love to hear about your auxiliary battery install since we have the same year T1N. Any pics? Thank you 😊
I just followed the instructions that I found in this forum. Running the wires through the firewall was simple once you cut the zip tie holding the grommet together. I found that feeding it through from the interior on the top of the loom (but inside the grommet) was easy, the factory put all the channels you need in and easily accessible. I made my own battery tray, beyond that it was pretty standard. Now I just need to connect the accessories to my house battery. Stereo and amp are definitely going on there, as well as the dome lights and eventually some 12V and USB outlets where the ashtrays are in the back (140 PW) I setup a relay array for lights, towing wiring, etc. that I’ll switch over to it too. I’m thinking about putting a switch on the isolator relay to allow me to connect the batteries if I need some extra juice to start

I only took pictures of the battery tray in place, I got into the groove and buttoned everything up before I remembered to take pictures



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Completed the right of passage.

You might want to think about adding a wooden reinforcement to the inside; that sheet metal is pretty thin, and any flexing will stress your sealant. The inside ring, ideally of plywood, will give the top screws something to grip into, and will also make the interior trim much more stable, as it will screw into the wood as well. Make it the same thickness as the interior ribs.

I have a better picture somewhere, but this is all I can find on the spur of the moment…



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I know. I had a frame for inside made out of 2x2’s but it wasn’t seating properly and would block the stock light from going back properly. I then tried using a scrap price of plywood from bed but it wasn’t the right size. I then tried using strips on 3 sides which would be better than nothing, and give the light enough room. But I ran out of time. I hated not using anything and am a little freaked out about leaks. I’ll be back up in ceiling before too long to insulate and run wires for lights and will reassess the situation. There’s not much I can do now that the lap sealant is on tho. Hoping for the best!!! But worried about the worst.

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