Front Driver Folding bed


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Anyone know how to make a folding bed for the adventurous 2007. I'm pretty sure it's the tri fold one that goes from the seat behind the driver to the driver seat. I would prefer to make one than pay 300 +

any info would be greatly appreciated

PS I know it would be easier to make one from the passengerback to the passenger front seat but it would tke away access from the sliding door


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What type of 2nd row seats do you have?

If you have captain seats I could copy mine on a large sheet of packing paper and send it to you. Someone with rear lounge seats could probably do the same. My front bed fits R or L. The R side is more convenient for the door, but the L is nicer as no steering wheel.

I think one is enough as it gets tight inside. For 2 or more guests I think we'll take a tent for the "guest room". Very young kids are better off in the back as there is no chance of falling off the bed.


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I read that one slow stride but my back seats as opposed to GAMACKY's dont fold like that

I have to reverse the back seats and fold the seat back down.

I just wanted to know How I could level everything out since the front seats are higher than the back with no real way to adjust them


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The RT option looks like an after-thought, although somebody who has actually used this system may have a different take on it.

I thought the Sportsmobile option looked better, and much cheaper.

I have used a folding table to create a platform.

Still trying to work out a second front sleeping platform.....

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