Radio Non Responsive


Mercedes Mechanic
...someone submitted this to MB Dealer Technical Services... Thought it was funny
906, M2CA144


Days in shop for this visit

Complaint - Radio will not respond to volume control.

Verified complaint

No prior repairs

No relevant fault codes or events

Diagnosis Performed:
1. Interrogated systems…No DTC
2. Checked actual values, when turning the volume control a plausible value (+# or -#) will appear however, radio volume will not adjust.
3. Attempted to program control unit...response from Mercedes Benz portal, “No new software available.”
4. Attempted "Initial startup manual coding”, the first item in this process was to check for newer software...NOW there IS new software, WEIRD???

New software fixed everything.

Performed measures as outlined:
Like most Sprinter issues, I put on my robe and wizard hat, sacrificed a goat and VIOLA!

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