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I was searching for a water tank drain valve and could not find anything in the manual. Fleetwood could not really help other than sending me a schematic of the plumbing system nor could my RV dealer recall the location of one. My suspicion is that they did not plumb one in.
Has anyone knowledge of finding one on their rig?

I also noticed that the outdoor porch light bulb went out. The unit is sealed from the outside with no screw to remove the light cover, and there is no access from the inside, duh!

Otherwise, I am very happy with the Icon. They are not making 2011 due to the Mercedes Sprinter chassis no longer being available.


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Hi, I am new to this forum, but not to the ICON. My drain is under the bench seat in the dining area. Remove the cushions, lift up the plywood base (might need to unscrew), valve is next to the water tank. If yours is different, then look for the water tank. It should be close to the fill port on the outside of the coach. Lastly if that doesn't help, look under the vehicle and see where the drain comes out, 1 1/2 inch plastic pipe. The drain valve should be directly above the pipe. Hope that helps.


Thanks, Jean. I have finally found it. Since I have model 24D, it is under the bed. Lifting up the hinged lid reveals a shelf. They placed the valve under the shelf so it is not visible nor accessible. I need to cut out a part of the shelf to see and turn it. I like the coach, but not very user friendly.


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I have a 24A and the valve is under the dinette seat but it is so tight that I couldn't get my hand in there. I cut a slot in the end of a 16" piece of 1" PVC pipe that fits over the valve handle so I can open or close it from above. It stays under the seat for whenever I need it.


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The drain valve for the main water tank in my 2009 Fleetwood Pulse 24D is behind the panel of the upper rear storage compartment. That is also where the water filter is located. The low point drains for both hot and cold water are located under the bed and under the 1/8 inch panel. There are two panels below the bed and both have to be removed. The valves are fairly close to the exterior wall and are located under some other plumbing, etc. so you have to push things around to see them.


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I own a 2010 Fleetwood Quest on a mercedes (dodge branded) sprinter chassis. I spent many hours trying to find the fresh water drain valve. For me, I had to go inside the RV and go into the cabinet directly under the stovetop. In this cabinet, I removed the bottom shelf panel (unscrew 4 screws) and lift. There I found a white pipe w/ a blue valve (and the water pump and the water filter). This blue handled valve is the freshwater drain ... when you move it 90 degrees (to be inline w/ the pipe) water will pour out from the drain beneath the back wheel well.

I cannot believe how much time it took to find this. The RV manual was a total joke and gave no details. Previous owner had NEVER found it and just pumped all water into grey tank to "empty" the fresh water tank. I hope this helps someone.


Try going on your first trip...only to find out that Fleetwood placed the black and grey sewage discharge valve exit hole ( that's located in the rear storage compartment)...in the wrong place! NO CAN DUMP!!!
It's an adventure...most of the time!

One thing that may be worth watching... My 2012 Fleetwood Power Converter has a nasty habit of NOT always charging my Coach Batteries, as it should when my engine is NOT running BUT I'm plugged into 120 VAC... It's been known to charge properly one time and not charge another time. During one winter period, while stored and plugged in, the engine battery voltage dropped to 10 V. So I finally installed a Trik-L-Charger on the engine battery. I should add that the Fleetwood Converter DID Charge my Coach Batteries faithfully whilst plugged in. (Note that the relay to make this switch-over in charging, was installed by Fleetwood.)
Enjoy! Rob

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