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Uber Family Swagger Wagon
New owner of 2005 swagger wagon (10 pass) for our 6 kids & us.
Previous owner of various VW weekenders - hoping to recreate some of the magic...
Need some advice from the Forum - that I can't seem to find elsewhere.
1. Bench seats. I'd like to put one of them rear-facing. Is that possible? Do brackets line up, etc? Pics of this done?
2. Folding table. Any ideas on how to find an old 'weekender-style' side folding table (for road-trip games & fine dining, etc)?
3. Ceiling Storage. Looking for some sort of simple netting - something for the kids to store some of their gear. We don't have the high-top, but there's still tons of airspace available. .
4. Cup holders. Where are they on the passenger model? Solutions?

thanks so much. Lovin' the forum. Bringing back memories of the same with Eurovan forums years ago.
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You CLOSED this thread - so no one could answer your question. I have reopened it.

The seats will not reverse with the receiver cups in their current position. However, I have always wondered if you simply reversed the cups - seems though it should work. The legs seem to be symetrical.


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Check out georgetg's day camper conversion:
He used VW seats - not easy or inexpensive, but an outstanding job.

Lots of good posts in the Sprinter Based RV Conversion section on day campers.

Link to tables:

You cup holders are mounted under each row of seat under the bottom of the seats - holds two beverages. They are not easy to use for young guys and tend to forget they put something in it. (Why do I have a water leak when I hit the brakes?)


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I'm coming from the exact same background. In fact, I'm driving the Eurovan today.
I also just purchased a 10 pass wagon for my 6 kids and am looking to reverse the seats. I figured out how to do it in our Toyota Previa, so I'm going to try it again when I actually have our Sprinter in my possession at the end of the month. Post on the list if you figure it out, and I'll post when I see what I'm dealing with.
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In past threads, some people just bought another set of floor braclets for $50 and mounted them where needed. I thought about reversing the brackets, too, because it looks like it would be easy. I think someone said you need to cut a small chunk out of the wood underfloor when you spin them around.

On that note, it would be great if the bench seats reclined or folded into the shape of a bed, or at least a platform for a bed. I adapted the frame of an Ikea Lycsele loveseat/bed to fit over the wheels for trips.


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Anyone willing to continue this conversation? Pics or updates?

I want to do the same with my 08 sprinter, but with a 2 person bench in the first row. I turned a bench around to give it a shot. The bench has 2 sets of hooks, one on the "knees side" of the bench and one on the "back side" of the bench. It looks to me like it it is only about 1/8th of an inch on the back of the "back side" hook that is preventing it from entering the floor bracket. It hits the third (and otherwise useless) steel rod that make up the floor bracket system.

So why can't I just either 1 - grind of 1/8th of an inch from the "back-side" hook or 2) just grind out the third steel rod from the floor bracket? I can't imagine either alter the safety in any significant way. Has anyone tried this or another approach?

A curveball that I didn't think about is that the three seat legs are not centered under the bench - they are centered in the van, but positioned under the seat so that the seat is hugging the drivers side of the van. So that when you turn the bench around and try to hook it in it will hug the passenger side of the van against the sliding door. That will be problem #2 to overcome. Thoughts appreciated.
I run the 170" 2008 with a reversed 2nd seat- second and third face each other. I turn the mounting cups end for end if I want traditional limo style. I used 2 brackets/seat, skipping the middle set. Be careful if you are drilling to place new cups near the front of the vehicle, I just missed the plastic fuel tank with the front set, phew!

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