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well Mercedes will not give the local dealer an SCN code since they didn't install my switch. Dodge dealer won't touch it. Other local guys would love to do it but can't. Looks like it's off to SOS diagnostics, unless anyone knows of someone that can program it in the Baton Rouge or New Orleans area? Driving to NY on Sunday....


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If you know someone with a chinese cloned Start Diagnostic system, supposedly there is a chinese outfit that will remote access the Star Clone, and do the SCN recode for you.

My local dodge dealer (in Oklahoma) had no problem activating my cruise for me.

A well equipped Mercedes independent (must have xentry/star or equivalent) can do the SCN coding for you. These are few and far between though.
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Driving to NY on Sunday....
... so you might be passing near Dr Andy, or various (more) friendly MB dealers along the way?
(whomever hosts the East Sprinterfest (Sun?) perhaps?)

p.s. Andy (Dr. A) Bittenbinder 864-623-9110 Clemson SC (just W of Greenville)


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Egad .... i remember when the cruise control switch was $95


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Egad .... i remember when the cruise control switch was $95

Did I see around 250 bucks for that switch?? Crazy. But it can be worse.

WVE by NTK 1S7716 Cruise Control Switch
Standard Ignition CCA1291 Cruise Control Switch

The switch can be pulled from a scrapyard T1N Sprinter. Once the Multi Function Switch MFS is free, the Cruise Control switch removal involves just one screw.

Not that anyone asked...

Your T1N doesn't have DRL? Your T1N does have over 160,000 miles on the clock? You are going to install Cruise Control and the new Cruise Control switch? CHANGE OUT THE MFS WHILE EVERYTHING IS DISASSEMBLED!!!

It may avoid dealing with a MFS failure and no headlights like I had.

Some info is here.

Emergency Headlight Power Fix + MFS info

:cheers: vic
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So where can I order the pins to wire this into the ECU???


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From this training manual page, we get a list of Dodge part numbers:


(that's this file: http://www.diysprinter.co.uk/reference/T1N_service_scans/243CruiseRetrofit.jpg
... the first of 17 pages named "243CruiseRetrofit.jpg", "244CruiseRetrofit.jpg", "245CruiseRetrofit.jpg" and so on to "259CruiseRetrofit.jpg" from this page:
http://www.diysprinter.co.uk/reference/T1N_service_scans/ )

05103744AA is MB A 001 540 14 45
05126175AA is MB N 007 985 00 31 29
05120786AA is MB A 655 545 02 28
05103882AA is MB A 011 545 81 26
05161275AA is MB A 019 545 26 26



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I already have a wire in 52. What now?
Verify you're working with:
(a) the correct connector
(b) the correct pin numbers in the service manual (they're different for the 2003-and-earlier (called "Non-OBD" in the service manual) compared to the 2004-and-later).

There was a thread a couple of years ago that had the same issue.

(now i'll go look up the color codes to figure out what you're seeing)
added: You have an "except OBD" Sprinter.
The blue wire should go in C2 pin 20 (note that it's less than 26)
I have drawn a red line through the numbers you should ignore:


added: WHAT YEAR IS YOUR SPRINTER???? (putting it in your sig block would help)

p.s. i see only 26 pins on the connector you're holding... how do you get "52"?
Let me guess: your ECM had 5 connectors, didn't it?
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I was actually counting incorrectly. I thought 46 started after the bigger round hole. Turns out 46 is the big round hole.

I had to later abort the install because I messed up my crimping of the pin bushings and they wouldn't fit in the holes correctly.

I also think the wires should be 18" or 24" initially from the steering column connector. After routing these to the ECU it is a tight fit without much free play. Would rather cut after proper routing.

The new wires I have are not copper. I don't know if this makes a huge difference but thought I would mention it.

Attached some pics during the install of the ECU.

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cosman2001@mac.com said:
The new wires I have are not copper.
Not sure what leads you to believe that. But if the wires are silver, then they're most likely tinned copper wires which is a good thing. It seems unlikely they'd be anything else.
Another possibility is that they're (the dreaded) "tinsel wire" ... flat threads of copper spiral-wrapped around a central plastic threads core ... telephone coil-cords are frequently made of this stuff ... great for anything requiring maximal flexibility (and lower current), pain-in-butt if you're trying to solder to them.



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I apologize in advance for taking this slightly off topic just for a moment, but this seems to be the braintrust of the most knowledgeable T1N cruise control minds in the world and I have a mystery that I don’t know how to solve.

I have a 2007 Winnebago View (built on 06 Sprinter chassis) which I believe has factory cruise control. CC works, sometimes, but other times when you turn it on, an ECU fuse blows and the engine shuts off. When this happened to me I coasted to the shoulder, put a new fuse in, and haven’t turned on CC since. The previous owner said the same had happened to him. Any ideas what may cause that or what to check? Happy to take this convo to private messages, for anyone willing to try and figure this out with me. I have sciatica and would looove my CC to work so I can shift my leg a bit on long drives. Thank you!


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All the CC switch does is tell the ECU to (slightly) change its behavior. (apply fuel to maintain speed).
The wires to the switch could be short-circuiting to something else, which is causing the fuse blow.
Places to look are the CC switch itself, and careful inspection of the wiring run down to the ECM connector.
The CC does not use the "clockspring" connection to the moving steering wheel, so that's probably safe.
You would also need to carefully inspect the ECM connector itself ... something electrically conductive may have bridged between two of the pins/wires. A frayed end of one of the CC switch wires could do that.

Here's the wiring diagram for the CC switch-to-ECM connections. The "yes" line is what pertains to a 2006. (the lined-out numbers are pre-2004)


For example: if the "SC switch 12 volt supply" was getting dragged down by one of the other wires being shorted to ground, that could certainly blow the ECM's fuse.


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