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Howdy Folks -

I think it would be interesting to keep running tallies of various Sprinter types. I just posted a Poll for North American Model Years along these lines (http://sprinter-forum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=130) and had previously done a similar poll for RV Brands (http://sprinter-forum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=93).

I can think of a few other polls that might be interesting:

- Freightliner vs. Dodge vs. Mercedes badging

- Freightliner vs. Dodge title (ie what was your vehicle originally badged as)

- Wheelbase (ie 118 vs. 140 vs. 158)

- Model (ie RV vs. cargo vs. passenger vs. etc.)

- Roof height

- ?

I am more than willing to set some of these polls up if there is interest so . . . which would interest you the most? What models/ types should we list (we are limited to 10 poll choices per poll)? Should we mix wheelbase and height (ie 118 vs. 140 short vs. 140 tall vs. 158 short vs. 158 tall - and is there such a thing as a 158 short - I don't know!)?

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I'm interested in all of them. I would think that most of the North American Sprinters would be rebadged Mercedes and other markets would be rebadged Dodge or Freightliner, but then I'm always surprised.



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