Key Winnebago / Itasca Sprinter Links

Zach Woods

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This post / thread is intended to list the key Winnebago View / Itasca Navion related Links.

High level links only please (ie Winnebago / Itasca Company Website or an important Winnebago View / Itasca Navion owner resource site).

Links and other items of interest that turn up and/or change frequently would probably be best posted to a new thread.


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Re: Winnebago Industries Company Websites

Useful links. Thanks.

The third Navion link in your list appears to be related to the Ryan Navion aircraft that was built by North American in the 1940s.


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@zach woods, the frapper link in post 4 is acting shady, downloading stuff from a weird address....


Below is a link to a window clip (Part# H010-41) that can be used quite the screen rattles on an ERA. I found this link an another post but thought it might be helpful to include it here. You need 4 clips per screen for a total of 32. The ends of the clips need to be crimped closed enough to fit into
the screen opening, they snap into place. I used needle nose pliers.




Have a 2013 ERA and never once in 7 years has one of the screens rattled. The metal clips already on the screen can be adjusted if need be.

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