2006 T1n 118 Sprinter
The only thing public released was that jtroll had two nearly identical names used here on the forum. One had personal info he supplied himself. The second was purely trolling.

I know of one member who left due to threats from libturd usual suspects.

One member who is still here threatened physical violence to anyone he argued with on the list. He uses Alaska license plate.
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How do you like socialism shortages/inflation now?
Go look up JTrolls posting history. He has been trolling this forum for 3 months, made his first post and 1300 others in the DZ, and you can't even find that until you stumble upon it in off topic. Most likely another one with multiple screen names. He actually made his first Sprinter specific post today.

Another member pointed out that he only comes here to shit on this forum, meanwhile he is Mr. Nice Guy on the Delica forum. Not a smart move for someone that claims to be into van customizing, to join a van forum, just for trolling purpose.


hardware modifier
His information is public
No one hacked shit.
He doxed himself.
So he can shove his false claims up his ass.
wanker (imagine English accent)

EDIT Unless copy and paste is now known as hacking....

He posted his own image on his own about page with the file name as hisactualname.jpeg

Thanks for the fucken huge GUTTURAL belly laughs ?
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How do you like socialism shortages/inflation now?
He made no mention of his virtue signaling on his website, like he does here. :ROFLMAO:

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