T1N help in Mexico city?


2006 118” SHC
Hi everyone, currently heading toward Mexico city in my T1N and it’s exhibiting a slight howl that’s 100% engine speed related.

no codes thrown, everything working ok but this is a new sound that started today.

120k miles on odo and i’ve replaced all usual suspects (belts, water pump, fan etc) 20k ago as preventative maintenance.

TL;DR Basically Can anyone recommend a good sprinter mechanic in mexico city that could eyeball it for me.

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2006 118” SHC
Can't recommend them but I have chatted with them on the phone in the past
Hey Dennis, just to follow up, auto lab appears to be a conglomerate of repair shops (Auto doc, Kevs Autoworld etc)

Did you deal with a specific shop or just auto lab directly?

thanks :)


2006 118” SHC
Just Autolab directly.
Thanks Dennis!

Based on the drive behaviour today i’m 99.99% certain that the fan clutch is failing to release at speed.

It’s intermittent and will sometimes run normally but then after a certain RPM/engine heat combo it will stay on.

Better that it just free wheeling.

I’m going to hunt out a mercedes dealer here and just get them to order the replacement part.

Annoying as i specifically replaced this part as preemptive maintenance 17k miles ago :/

My fault for not buying an OEM replacement, ive since learnt the error in my ways.

Anyway thanks again for your help.


2006 118” SHC
I just wanted to follow up on this thread.

I ordered a new fan + clutch assembly from the Benz dealer in Mexico City. The next day I picked it up. Total $130


I was getting ready to install it myself when I came across a great mechanic who installed the fan assy for only $29.
Yep, twenty-nine bucks. It wasn't worth getting my hands dirty for that.


I've been driving in Mexico for 38 days now and the fan clutch has been perfect.

I recently drove back around the CDMX area and the new fan started exhibiting the same behaviour as the old one i.e staying engaged for extended periods of time.

Looking back on it now I suspect there was nothing wrong with my fan+clutch. My theory is the elevated altitude + heat around CDMX (7600 ft) affected the clutch's fluid dynamics and kept it engaged even when the engine temp was cool enough for it to disengage. But this is only a guess on my part.

Anyway thanks again for your help, Dennis.


Here since 2006
I have an MB replacement fan/clutch that behaves in a similar manner. When over 6000-7000’, once engaged it takes a cooled down engine and high (over 3000RPM) to disengage. If it starts cold with the fan engaged it still takes the elevated RPM to disengage.

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