Transfer Box Vibrations


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Hi all

Having thought the weird vibrations coming from the bottom of our 2014 4x4 Sprinter was the DIFF it now looks like it is the transfer box that is not happy.

- Very loud drumming noise left hand front side of the van
- Doesn't change with engine revs, only with speed
- Some oil and water mayonaise around the drive shaft going into the transfer box.

Does anyone have any advice on checking if the transfer box is working or not? I suspect the seal has gone and its not got any lube oil in so has basically shredded itself. None of the normal van mechanics know what to do with it as its 4x4 and I am starting to get very stuck!

Any help, words of wisdom or advice would be much appreciated.




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Sadly i dont think so!

The Sprinter mechanic who has it knows the vans really well and he doesnt reckon its the CV joints or the Diff


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could be that water has got into the vent pipe when doing some wading maybe, recommend a drain, flush and refil with correct oil and try again. Im not sure this would effect vibration though. Im trying to trace some vibration on mine, looking into new gearbox mount and its a bit loose and box can wobble easily. Any update?


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Hi Jamie. I had a very loud drumming noise, that only changed with speed, and not revs. It turned out to be the main propshaft bearing. May be worth a check…..


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Have you changed out the fluid? How many miles? Even if the fluid is not to blame, draining and assessing the condition is a useful step in diagnosis.

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