Thinkdiag2 All System - Amazon Lightning deal


170 ext 3500 4x4
I have 2 brand new extra that I’d do for $85 each shipped (shipping probably cost me $13-$15

some how I ordered 3!


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The scanner lists several options on the screen that displays the 906, 907 and 910. When I read the VIN on the first screen the model and year do not populate so then it allows me to select 2019 and newer then it goes to model type and lists models above


2022 2500 4x4 LR
I have a unopened Thinkdiag now but wonder if I should pick up a Thinkdiag2. What would be the benefit?


2014 NCV3 170" cargo with OM651
IIRC, the only improvements in the TD2 is that it supports some new vehicle brand hardware protocols (GM?), and has a cable to attach it to the OBD-II port and doesn't plug on directly like the TD1. Double-check my math though.....

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