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In the short time I've had my sprinter I managed to go through every post in the T1N section and what I have done is to creat a Word document that has hyperlinks to all of the various threads that I have found useful. It includes the standard maintainence threads as well as a bunch of other useful threads. I find it very useful and fast for looking things up.

So, here it is -


--- List from PDF ---
Glow plug thread with module modification

Hitch information

Oil change information

Driver foot heater tube modification

Crankshaft sensor replacement

Transmission drain and service
Overview of what you will be looking at:
Transmission valve body maintenance:


Replacing the FOB battery

Glow plug testing: - part of a long and very informative thread on glow plug replacement

Air Filter change

cabin filter change

Air vent pin fix

Rear AC idle cut out

Broken Hood release and replacement

Panel removal and retainer clips

Starter motor replacement
...Test of the Starter electrical

Alternator Replacement

Serpentine belt replacement

Serpentine belt tensioner

Recirculating pump replacement
...If you want to repair the recirculating pump

Radiator cleaning

Water pump:

Aux battery info

OM647 O2 sensor cleaning (OM612 doesn't have one)

Antenna replacement

Trailer wiring harness

Fuel filter

Fuel filter - OM612 2001-2003 specific

OM612 fuel rail pressure control valve rebuild

OM612 clear line replacement

OM612 engine harness replacement

Headliner clips

Winter Grill cover

Dome light replacement bulbs

Heater control explanation

various sprinter PDF files in this thread

Post about changing tire sizes to 215/85/R16

Stepwell plug screw locations

Seat covers and floor mats

Rear seat belt cover and seat belt buckle replacement

Front Blower/fan motor resistor replacement

Front heater/AC fan removal and brush replacement

Transmission pan plug removal and number.

Radiator swing out: If your T1N has AC and you need access
  • water pump
  • OM612 clear line replacement
  • Harmonic Balancer
  • Serpentine belt tensioner and idler pulleys
Radiator Push out technique (w or w/o AC)(for any of the above except harmonic balancer)

Harmonic balancer issues

Drone noise at around 70 mph


Cargo lamps from the aux battery

Front shocks/struts

Rear shocks

Rear AC cover and painting it

Armrest part numbers

Swivel shades and overhead storage

Sliding door latch (not the handle)

Door adjustment - slider and front doors

Sliding door handle

Front door cable clip:

Rear Axle U-Bolt retorquing

Auxiliary Heater
...D2 Airtronic installed in rear
...Espar thread
...Wiring Espar heater to run from a switch and adding a timer

Windshield wiper arm replacement

Lumbar bulb rebuild:


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No "black death"?

--dick (looking it up for someone else...)


Yeah, I need info on black death and resurfacing the injector seals.


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