Carbon & Turbo Damage-Observations


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Again bringing you some info that you can use .
I am referring in this case to a recent observation on turbo impeller damage due to carbon particle ingestion.
First the vehicle as preamble.
2018 Sprinter 2500 with 183,000 recorded miles with OM 642 engine.
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This van came to us last April with a collapsed turbo with just under 175,000 miles it.
It received a new turbo and intercooler etc plus an oil /filter change using MB 229.52 and all genuine parts used.
Having been serviced by a dealer at 20,000 mile intervals we advised the O/.O to increase his servicing to frequency 10,000 miles.
This week past it came in for a service prompted by a DEF issue plus a transmission major service/ PM.
During the service/PM it was noted that the engine breather (PCV ) had developed a significant oil carry over problem with oil residue in the fresh air intake hose and snail housing.
The customer approved the replacement of the PCV valve /hose arrangement from head to intake.
Upon removal we observed a large amount of hard carbon particles in the head port and head fitting/seal holder.
Now paying attention the the turbo impellor & snail housing we could see that these hard particles had worn by impingement the fine edges of the impellor blades just enough to create what can only be described as akin to a fine serrated knife edge. Also observed was the polished edge of the blades contrasting with the oil patina of carburized oil on the blades much like a teflon coating.
As a precaution we did check the air filter which had performed as expected with no evidence of dust or particle ingestion.

Hence a service suggestion;-
Check the air intake and turbo snail for excessive oil carry over from the PCV system.
If excessive replace it and check for carbon in the head adapter housing & hose.
If you do observe high amounts of carbon particles floating about then you might want to consider adding a can of BG's MOA to the engine oil to disperse it.
This will be our next step if simply changing out the PCV doesn't eradicate the problem at the next service/PM,.


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And sometimes as a "fix in can".


2018 144" Tall Revel
And sometimes as a "fix in can".
How much of the MOA would you recommend in a 13 quart system? BG indicates either 3 or 4 cans. Would using less as a preventative measure be worthwhile?

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